Reviving good, honest PvP

Let’s face it, PvP is dead and towers are ruined beyond repair (thanks for that, you boxing losers, have a great time doing towers against yourself). But! Is there any interest in PvP? A good buddy of mine were talking about perhaps doing 1v1 PvP tournaments and Battlestation tournaments to try and spark some good old PvP again. We’re still working on the details, but if anyone is interested in the idea of legit, non-sploited, non-stacked, non-boxed PvP? Let’s start a discussion.

Great idea!

The BS has been ruined with leveling quests, sad to say there is not ANY pvp motivation in AO at all.
This could encourage some to PVP just a little.

It would be nice to have some good old session in BS + duels around while waiting to enter the queue :stuck_out_tongue:

Major Bump Sharp!! I tried setting up a 5v5 tourney and several other duel tourneys but not many people in the current pvp meta that actually understand true pvp mechanics and/or have the desire to learn or participate. Also too many people jumping on the sploit/stacks train so they will never attempt “fair” pvp. That being said, I know myself and many others on omni side would be interested in PvP tourneys of every possible style so count us in if you plan something.