New guy on free weekend

Hi guys been playing for the first time on the free weekend. Loving the game at mo few litle nigs that bother me like the hair graphics but over all seams a pretty decent game.
Wanted to run a few things past peeps.

  1. is the DLC worth the time or just get the normal game.
  2. Is there long term playability in the game or is there a sort of dead stop at the end.
    3.ive not the time to do it yet but can you make a sort of little army thing with thralls to take with you to kill things.

Be a while before i am able to buy the game but wanted to get a jist of some things before hand, also let me know if there are things i should know about things…( also what a great server to be on).

Depends on what you enjoy or want. Functionality wise, there is no make or break reason to get the DLCs. You aren’t locked out of any dungeon or location, or don’t have access to certain weapons. They are all cosmetic in nature and not required. Anything stat wise that the DLC’s offer in their armors, weapons, or buildings can all be found in vanilla pieces.

With that said, if you like the cosmetic features of the DLCs, that’s where they shine. Like as a building fan, I love the variety the DLC’s offer in that aspect. The artists did a fantastic job making the DLC’s, from the weapons, to armors, to pet skins, to placeables, to the buildings. So I am totally cool with recommending the DLC’s for those purposes.

Next, yes there is long term play ability, but it’s mostly up to you. It is a Survival Sandbox game after all, and Sandbox games in their very nature offer a player to make up their own rules and goals. As far as development is concerned, yes the developers have more stuff in store, including 4 more dungeons that are in the pipeline.

To your final question, you cannot command a full army when you are on the move. You can have an infinite amount of Thralls at your base, but only one that can follow you at a time. Unless, you use a mod.


Ahh thats intresting and cool will keep that in mind.

Sorry, I hit submited too fast, edited to answer the rest.

Even one though is great as at mo i find i get outnumbered extreamly fast with a very emabrasing girly squeal comming out of me as im scrambling up a mountain sticking my middle figer up at the monstrosity killing me just to find out of stam and fall into its teeth lol, so lots of fun but yea great i can use one as a body guard.

Yes, totally can have a Thrall for a body guard. Or if you like body guards with claws and sharp teeth (pets), that’s possible too.

Pets could be a good option to, be a lot to explore with when i get it.

You can sorta get an army of animals. But its not at all that easy or convenient, and you can’t take them back to your base easily if they survive (would have to take them back 1 at a time, not worth it).

Thralls you can’t really do, unless you don’t mind them just fighting in whatever gear they happen to have when you place them down.

Just remember without mods, once you place an animal or thrall on the ground, thats it. You can’t just “pick them up” to take with you again…sounds strange, but yea thats kind of how it works (without mods).

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The DLC is almost entirely cosmetic, but there are some armor pieces that have stat combos that are unique and quite useful. I run a farming build 90% of the time and Imperial armor from the Khitan DLC with the cold resist and additional encumbrance makes surviving up north much more manageable. That alone was worth the money to me.

Sadly, you cannot have an army of thralls follow you around but the high end thralls with high end gear are one man wrecking machines.

Also you can use items from the DLC packs if someone gives them to you … but you can not repair them if they completely break as you will not know the recipe to make them. So long as they are not completely broken you should be able to repair them up to 90% repaired using a weapon or armour repair kit.

The first two DLCs had decorations … again you can place them if someone gives them to you … but you can’t pick them up to move them if you don’t own the DLC. The last two have pet skins … which you add to a pet before you place in the world …so you could get someone with the DLC to add to a tamed pet you still have in your inventory.

All placeble thralls are moveble by the “follow” command.
If you need more then one beast of a thrall for a fight you can easily place more then one thrall at a time, and then pull the fight to the thralls for help.

After the fight is done you folloow them back to camp again, in fact thralls remember where they live now and will return to base eventually.

The only problem is that you have to run one thrall at a time if you need more help in a given fight.

I mean you can’t just pick up multiple thralls at once. While the follow command allows you to move a thrall, you can only do 1 at a time. As for bringing a boss to your thralls, you would need to have a base fairly close by.

As I said earlier, either way its not really practical in most situations. I meant that for thralls as well.

Hmm thx for the info guys the free thing is nearly over so when i get this at some point i can start over with some DLC’s and get some exsperiance with the mechanics.

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