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Hello! I have to say I really dig this game its awesome. I was wondering about the dlc, are there any dlc that expands on or makes new map area? Which dlc should i get first, are they all equal? Thanks!


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but none of the dlc offer new map areas or dungeons. Some of that has been added (dungeons) but it came with updates so essentially they are free. The dlc are all building pieces, armor and weapon sets and placables, mostly. Hope that helps and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


The DLC’s so far are cosmetic. They add building pieces, armour and weapons. Stuff like that. However, later this year there will be a new map DLC. As far as which DLC you should get first, that is entirely up to you. If you like the grecko/roman style of armor/buildins than the Jewels of the West would be the way to go. If you like a more middle eastern flavour then the Turan DLC would be more to your liking. The Khitai or Yamatai for a more Asian inspired theme. They all have their own positives and the art work on them is amazing. You can find videos on youtube which show off the building pieces, armor, weapons and placeables of each one so you can get a feel of what you like best.

In fact, here is one. DLC Showcase


Hi Rexar and welcome to the community! Your mode of play may also factor into this decision. If you are PvP, there is little difference between the DLCs outside of which temperature protection the armors offer. If you are PvE of Singleplayer and like your placeables, then I would recommend The Imperial East (Khitan), The Jewel of the West (Aquilonian) and Debaucheries of Derketo. Finally, if you would like more variety in saddles for your horse, or for that matter a black or white horse, then Riders of Hyboria is for you.


I personally use all of the DLC just for variety of decor, both building and placeables. Because of the differing temperature compensation, they come in handy because all the named armorer thralls can craft flawless versions of the DLC armor which makes exploring the volcano and frozen north feasible. There are in game armors without DLC that accomplish the same thing, but they require specific armorers to craft the flawless versions. As a self professed newbie, I know you probably don’t fully appreciate what I just said, but suffice it to say, if you are really enjoying the game, over time, you will probably find a use for all the DLC.


We went with Khitai and Yamatai first due to the hot and cold heavy armor.


I watched it thats a great run of the mill showcase

Just one other thing which trips a few members up Rexar should you opt for a Season Pass. Just for the record, the Riddles of Steel pack is a standalone, and as such is not included in the Season Passes. Happy gaming.

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