Questions before buying Conan Exiles, help?

Hi , I am thinking of buying Conan Exiles while it is on sale, but first have a few questions if someone can help please?

  1. I am not interested in multiplayer. I would like to play offline or single player only. Is this still possible?

  2. My main interest of this game is the building aspect. I have been reading a thread where developers asked people to name their favorite DLC. Quite a few mentioned “Aquilonian” , yet I do not see this DLC on steam.

  3. Is there a website anywhere that has a ‘building item’ list? Types of building materials, decorations etc…and which DLC’s they come in?

  4. I am more into medieval type buildings & furnishings than any other, so what would you recommend in DLC’s?

Hope someone can help me in time!
Merry Christmas to you all! Tar…


Hello ! First of all welcome in the community !

so, now to answer :

  1. You can totally play single player, when in the main menu you see “Single player/coop”, this is what you’ll want to play. You can also go in a official server and play solo, but it’ll always be better to go in the “single player/coop”. It’ll be better if you are more interested in building.

  2. This aquilonian DLC is named “Jewel of the West Pack”. DLCs are bringing quiet a lot of stuff for a player like you (I think so at least) and beautiful armors and buidlings !

  3. The wiki will be your place ! You can search for building pieces and building tiers easily and when you go on a specific item, it’ll show how you can get it, for exemple, here is the “Jewel of the west” list of items :

  4. It’s hard to say, if you are more into medieval knights with great stone walls, the best that you can get is in my opinion the “Blood and Sand Pack” and if you want a medieval knight armor look, I’d say that the “Riders of Hyboria” is good.

Hope I helped !

And merry christmas !

  1. yes single play is very viable right now.

  2. Aquilonian building pieces are from the Jewel of the West DLC

  3. there is a wiki But I don’t think it’s up to date on the DLC’s

  4. Conan is set in the fictional Hyborian age, so only elements of medieval themes are present.

Jewel of the West = Roman theme
Imperial East = Oriental theme
Treasures of Turan = Middle East theme

If you look closely at the dlc you can get a good idea what it’s based on.

hope this helps
Happy Holidays


That was fast! I thank you so much! Is single player offline or online?

Jewel of the West, got it. Will search out wiki. I was hoping there was a fan site that had photo’s of the dlc items etc, but this works also.

Many, many thanks & thank you for the warm welcome!


Thank you! You two were fast! After playing multiplayer games for 20 years now, I wanted something to play that I could just slow down and be by myself. Single play works for me for now.

One thing I forgot to ask, I saw a youtube and someone had Christmas items. Are those in a DLC or were they a gift from the developers?

Thank you so much for answering!

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I think the christmas items are from a workshop mod those are free, made by players for other players.

And technically single play is offline, but requires steam be running.
there is a mod that allows real offline mode

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This helps a lot. I was not aware Conan had workshop, I should have checked, sigh. Thank you so much for all the answers!!! Offline mode works for me!

Have a lovely evening!

You still need internet connection to play “offline” but you have your own world within a single file on your own hard drive (if it’s PC) so you can make backups and transfer this whole world to any other PC. You can even edit this file a bit as it’s just an SQlite base. I don’t know much about consoles of course as I play PC version of CE.

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If you use the offline mode, mod

you don’t need an internet connection.
steam needs to be running, but steam can be offline too.


On PS4 you can choose to be offline or online to play single player. But if you want to enable the coop mode you must be online.

If you play single player remember to disable “building decay” in the settings, which could be on by default, it disable the decaying of buildings for multiplayer, and since you want to play single you might not want your buildings to decay and vanish into thin air.

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Wow blown away by all the responses! This community is too kind! Very nice to know!

I did buy the Deluxe Edition which had Jewels of the West & also the Blood and Sand dlc. Next for me will be the Riders pack so I can build stables.

Since there is also single player online, that works for me. I already play two mutliplayer (Rift & Lotro). Just want a laid back experience.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!


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