Confused. Is it worth to come back and play?

Well I dropped this game for some time. I have like e4 gear with shotgun/hammer which combination is not good for any role in this game. Most ppl are overgeared in game. So… Srsrly is worth to come back and play without throw real monez in game?
Story/plot (and atmosphere in general) of this game is still awesome for me but gameplay/player base are what I cannot handle well. I’m bad with market things and my english is what my nickname says.
Yeah sorry, maybe most trivial topic.

Have you completed the entire story line? If not, then you should definitely come back and play through it.

I guess i did. At least I remember meeting with Lilith on roof and giant robo in new dawn’ estate. Iirc I got 1 costume per aria of side quests too (like those “Disguise of #some-freak”).

To @wolffspider’s point, if you don’t remember getting all the way to South Africa, you should come back and play.

If you enjoy the game, you should definitly come back. It’s absolutely possible to play without paying money - the gearing is just gonna take a bit longer that way, but even for the most endgame-content you definitly don’t need your gear all maxed out.

As for your problem with not handling the community well: I’m not really a people person myself. And if people outgear me I always feel useless and get nervous lol, especially if they call me out in it. What helped me is finding a cabal with nice people. Now the community is actually one of my favourite parts of the game.

For me it definitly worth to play,all you need to do is find some ppls with the similar ip/experience lv to play with:better advance and learning by yourselvs than get pulled through by veterans and get bored soon of it.
But I think you should try it yourself…worth o not to play depend on each ones selves…so other ppls opinions are just other ppls opinions you should judge it by yourself.

I’m gonna be “that guy”. No, not a terrible one, but rather:

Yes, play it. Play through the storyline. Pick a faction, stick with it, enjoy it. If you want to experience it again, play another faction, otherwise there are plenty of cool Youtube videos out there that’ll have the cutscenes for the other factions.

Here’s where I become “that guy”. Let’s talk about the money. Giving this game money isn’t going to save it. If you’re going to give SWL money, you’re more than likely supporting Conan Exiles, or even the Dune game that’s in the works. Anything wrong with that? Nope. Just I wouldn’t purchase anything that has a commitment time, such as the 12-month patron, when you may not get anything new in those twelve months.


Thanks for answers! I just confirmed I finished story line and all side quests. I didn’t finished all
achievements tho. One of the problem was that I hit a wall when I got e5 IP… I usually play tank. Shotgun+hammer became absolutely useless on e5 if you don’t have overgeared/skilled healer in team. So i need reroll everything to that sustain-tanking thing.
But… the real wall (which I hit) was que time. It was too long on e5/e4. Like 1-3hours even for tank. And noone play e3. e1/e2 was pointless due low rewards and lesser challenge with upgraded gear (not to mention on e5 some bosses have new mechanics too and can wipe team cuz simple aggro loss).
As for cabal. I saw like 1-3 cabals recruting all time. Whatever IP you have. But I just don’t know. If I got que time like hours do those cabals really have players to play with?

Cabal is honestly your best bet cause i would say that’s where 90% of the active dungeon players are, and no most of them don’t use Activity Finder they private group or sometimes use activity finder just to fill 1 or 2 spots in the group.

Yes, I agree. I guarantee that most cabals would be thrilled to have a new tank as a member, especially one that can and will do lower elites. Would it be bad for me to recommend my own cabal? Heh heh.

Well at the end I run game client again. Nothing changed, so I start slow brainless grind routine again. Que time still is nonsence. I played for 6 hours (not really played I just didn’t close client) and got only 2 e4 runs and 2 SM NYR :smiley:
Well cabal is a thing maybe. But I dunno what active cabal need dude who don’t speak english and communicates by slow typing in chat and tank with shotgun, cuz with sustain-tank i lose aggro every second. Also I’m bad in jokes too.

Dragons&Wolves welcome you.We apreciate returning player with a positive attitude and new players,as we see them the furture of SWL,if there ever exist furture.We have all level players and are large in number,running all level of activities and very friendly.We dont ask you to log in game every day,to be honest the only restriction in our cabal is respect ppl each other.
And hey,I dont speak english and also slow typing in english,jaja.

Can confirm, dragons&wolves is a lovely cabal with active members from all over the world who are always looking for some things do to. Be it raid, lairs or dungeons - the people there are super friendly and quick to hop in on any activity.

Got half of my achievements because of them lol.

And how to apply to cabal? Sorry still not used this forum, its kinda unhandy.

I think you should not ask yourself so many questions and devalue yourself as much. :slight_smile:
My english is bad too, so what?
Find a cabal that pleases you, in english or in your language, there aren’t only english cabals on the game.
Train for sustain tank, it’s normal not to get there the first time, and with a cabal, players can advise you.

Well, to be fair for solo player (i.e. who don’t party up, AF isn’t count here cuz you cannot solo elites with same level of gear) I wound say its worthless to come back for current game’ state.
-Grind never ends (i.e. New dawn - Kaidan - repeat).
-AF is dead. (likely 1 dungeon run per day)
-AF is bagged af. You can stay there for hours and not get que. Reque and get party in next second (!).
-No list of active cabals in game. You need to be lucky enough to catch cabal’ advisement. Its just inconvenient, no system.
But some ‘fun’ facts.
-Just returning in some event (like anniversary this year) will keep you busy for random stuff around.
-And I decided to buy patron for month (lol?). Reduced CD on quests and free teleports are really like ‘new’ game. It keep busy me for “do 'em all” grind i.e. to finish all profitable (fast) quests for extra resources.
For now I’m aim to get +35 all gear. I’m positive about it. Just to kill mobs 1 second faster :smiley: