Possible returning player - questions

  1. Is subbing worth it? - Also seeing a lot of people having issues with subs, which makes me worried.
  2. Is there anyway to earn Funcom points in game? Can they only be purchased with RL $?
  3. Is there anyway to increase bag / bank slots without Funcom points?
  4. If someone was dedicated enough and made enough characters, would it be possible to create your own guild city & craft high end gear solo?
  1. Not really until you’ve finished the normal lvl 1 to 80 content and buy / get ready to play in the Godslayer expansion and even then it depends on your play style. I solo and only lightly play in the expansion so never saw a need to sub, but if you plan on getting into the raiding scene than I’d say it’s almost mandatory. (high level faction gear costs over the 10gold cap)

  2. No, nothing earned in game and Yes you can buy points either via the in game store or from ageofconan.com site.

  3. Yes, you can buy various bag sizes from vendors near the main marketplaces. The largest would need you to be sub’d as it’s over the 10g cap.

  4. Well you’d be talking about a heck of a lot of accounts as a f2p account only gets 1 or maybe 2 character slots, but sure, lot of work but I don’t see why not.

  1. If you want to play the game to its fullest potential, then yes, a sub is a good thing. Especially if you want to play groups/raids and/or craft and build, because of 10G cap and inventory space.

  2. No, as said.

  3. Yes, as said, with sub because of 10G cap. There is a workaround around this, but you would need one trusted friend with a sub for it.

  4. Theoretically this is possible, but it would take a very very long time and dedication. You need a guild city with T3 buildings to even finish the crafting quests. High end gear is not craftable exept 4-ish weapons in the T2-4 range, for which you need a T3 lower or a T2 W3 raid. The main crafting recipies drop in dungeons, for which you will need to run groups. The craftable items range from T 0,5-T1, so no end game gear here. You may be able to buy some recipies, but most “good” ones are bop. While it is possible to do a lot of crafting solo, you will need groups, and two raids, if you want to craft everything.
    Also, most crafting materials cost more individually than the item you can craft with them is worth, again exeptions are the 4-ish weapons and some nieche armors which are nice vanity items.
    If you are really into crafting there are some online resources to find out where those recipies drop and where you can find the materials for them.
    It would be far easier to join a guild that owns T3 buildings (there are lots of small guilds who recruite people and expect nothing from them), or buy a guild city.
    This not a crafting game or economic simulation.