The gold cap for free players has to go..or adjusted

i mean 10g isn’t alot atleast later in the game so im thinking either removing it or adjusting it or just sell the “uncap wallet” in the store type of thing.

No further changes or updates will be forthcoming in this game. It’s abandonware.

Well that’s probably one of the bigger reasons to sub when you get to 80 and of the 2 choices of spending who knows how much for a character unlock vs sub’ing with the extra benifits you get along with the unlock … I’d go with the sub.

Thats done on purpose by funcom for F2P players…
First they let newcomers experience their works and they restrict some basic features of the games then after the users would feel bothersome at progressing the games here youll get the two options play for free or purchase subs.

If you get into endgame (t4+) there is few items you can’t purchase as f2p.
Cheapest option might be collecting token, relics etc and sub for 1 month when you have enough token for several items.
Items prior to endgame that cost more than 10 G are usually no huge upgrade, so you are fine without them.

fair enough but i think it’s pretty annoying so i gave a few options

raise the cap

remove it

or offer an unlock in the store

Just save all your tokens up so you have enough for the grear you want to buy and sub for one month to lift the gold cap. Buy your gear and cancel your sub.

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