Is it worth investing time (and possibly money) at this point?

I got back into the game about a week ago after some on and off playing throughout the years. I’m leveling up my Cimmerian Barbarian and i love it! However from what i can tell the game isn’t what it used to be population-wise so do you think it’s worth investing time and possibly some money for subscription in the future?

Subscription is still worth it if you want to get AA (Alternate Advancement, press K). While you are subbed, each levelup gives you an expertise point, and after level 20 you can train a specific AA with a timer, speeding up the process. Endgame without AAs is bad. Another benefit of being subbed is you can have as much gold as you want and not be capped at 10.

Other than that, if you are patient, you can do the rest without buying anything else. Most people are in Saga right now, but, when it ends, I guess Crom will be the most populated server again. A lot of people still do raids and, sometimes, dungeons, and, of course, minigames too.

I see. My character is currently at level 55. You also earn offline levels when subbed right? I don’t really want to play on the Saga server because i want to finally level cap a character on the normal servers! :smiley: What’s your opinion on the game’s state though? Is it worth for someone to invest time and money into it?

It depends on you and what you are after, try describing how you want to play the MMO and we can give you a more accurate answer. The game has the population to do anything you want if you are willing to work for it and find it, its not gonna find you. You have guilds across the whole spectrum t1 - t6 raiding. The game offers alot of content in solo-playing too.

There are no offline levels anymore. Having a Sub will give you a bonus to exp, making you level faster.

Yeah. They removed offline levels and veteran tokens with sub. Now you are forced to buy an insta80 from the shop for 50 (blue gear) or 100 euro (T3 gear), and new accounts don’t have access to veteran rewards anymore, which I don’t understand because Veteran’s Boots and the paths are great.

I’d say i’m more of a solo and RP player than a competitive raid or anything like that. I want to reach level 80, get some cool looking gear for my barbarian (one of the reasons i’ve always like AoC is the art style and the aesthetics) and then just do random stuff.

More than welcome to join us on Saga and Fury Carrot! :slight_smile:

Is Carrot your in-game name?

No. WesterlyCarrot9 is the name i use almost everywhere on the Internet. My character’s name is Khabor. Thanks for the invitation but i’m playing on Crom and as i said above i don’t plan on playing on Saga as of right now simply because i want to finally reach 80 with a character on the normal server! :smiley:

As Patoson put in his reply one benefit of having a subscription is having no coin limit on your character. You will probably find many of the cool looking items will cost more than 10 gold whether that be from the ingame vendors or buying from other players off the trader.
When free to play any coin you earn whislt at the 10gold cap gets put into a character-specific holding account which is only released to you with a sub …so even if you drop below 10gold you can’t access the excess as free to play.
So for me, the no coin limit is worth the sub price.

Whether there is enough people to play with does depend on what time zone you play on. I’ve found European is most populated, followed by USA (eastern mid-evening much more than western). Oceanic (Australian, NZ, Korean) is very empty except for Monday night when raid finder resets and euros/USA come on for the new raid finder.

I think yes. Considering that more or less the game lost its temporary downtime for patches (as in no longer were patches stopped) the game went crazy again, and good that you are in Crom. Saga currently is a waste of time since its not transfered to Crom after. I am sure that on the net Saga it will be very good to make you get the final prize of t6 so yeah…