Is the game worth getting for single player?

I’m a fan of the Conan series and was interested in buying the game but I primarily play single player. Is the game worth buying to play offline?

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I’d normally say that’s a bit subjective, but you mentioned being a fan of Conan so I believe that alone would make it worthwhile. Personally, I believe it is well worth it. I’ve about 600 hours of my 1,800+ hours in local (single player). Even more worth it if you are into mods once they begin getting updated to Live after launch.

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Yes I solo on PVE,just survived a lvl 4 Purge attack.
It was a tie,I couldn’t beat the boss and he didn’t kill me.
Its hard but go for it.

Definitely worth it. And you might end up wanting to play online after all. I know i did and i don’t regret it

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Many features are aimed at multiplayer, there is mod support though.

So yes.

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Yeah, if you’re already a conan fan, I recommend you get this game. Just know its a sandbox: There are no canned ‘quests’ (“hey you PC… Go bring me 20 leather for 5gp or a magic sword”) but there IS lore to be found in places… Kinda the way it is in dark souls a little. I.e., you find little tid-bits here and there that you put together in your own mind. Also, as a sandbox, you’ll likely find more personal pleasure if you can eventually enter this game with your own ideas and plans (“I want to beat the dregs today”, “I want to move my base to the highlands”, “I want to capture a named taskmaster”) and not expect the game to give you direction. It only really does this indirectly by giving you “journey steps” which are basically a checklist of simple (but increasingly harder in tier fashion) tasks to complete; Awarding quite good xp upon completion.

tl;dr… You are a conan fan? Wanna play this single player? Don’t mind self-driven sandbox play? GET. THIS. GAME SIR xD


I think it is well worth it. I have played hundreds of hours single player. Actually smart online multiplayer, “er” players probably spend many hours soloing to pre-explore, strategize killing NPC groups or mobs, and try building ideas. The main problem with solo playing at default game settings is that the boss NPC are very very hard, maybe impossible to kill.

I recommend playing at a more difficult setting, the game can be quit challenging then. As you become more experienced you can actually tweek the game using admin setting to make the game perfect for your play style–maybe even make it possible to kill the boss mobs.


100% Yes, but it’s also great fun meeting others on a PvE server too, don’t be a loner, play with others. :slight_smile:


I play on single player, and I love it!

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Hell Yes!!!
Sorry I am online

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@kackaro There is more than enough to do in the game as a single player. Once the new areas are released, it will take some time to fully explore the map. I actually spent several days exploring the map on my own Just to find all the named camps. points of Interest, recipes, and lore that are available. The fun part is finding the ghost to see what they can teach you.

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I’m having a blast on SP

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I’ve played the game on my own PvE on several servers and I love it, you don’t really need any help to do pretty much anything, nothing that you need to advance. If you have a buddy both of you can get on Skype and talk while playing.

I have a friend that I’ve played many online games with for 20 years, he’s 84 I’m 79.

While we only get at the same time when it works out he’s not having any problems playing on his own either.


I do not care about the Conan franchise, yet I am having a blast in SP. The posters above have explained that there is a lot to do, explore and fight in the game. Steam is telling me I have 122 hours in-game, and I’ve barely seen about a quarter of the currently available map.

In addition to that, if you don’t absolutely need players to play alongside you, SP is superior to even PvE online because:

  • Want to craft it all? Run the admin panel and add yourself Feat points, you obviously won’t have enough players to specialize your crafting and trade with others.
  • You choose all the mods you want to play with. Want bigger stacks, the ability to pick up construction items to rebuild, fast travel, you have it.
  • You choose ALL the settings you want. No server will have them exactly as you want it: drop items on death, day/night cycle, exp/harvesting/spoilage rates, damage given/taken multipliers, etc., are all yours to choose and dynamically change.
  • See a bug that made you lose a lot of time/resources? Run the admin panel and spawn the item you just lost or the captured NPC that got lost inside the ground.
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What neofit said right here. He pretty much said everything I wanted to.

Since they put the purge in place I say absolutely yes this game is worth it for SP alone. The purge combined with exploring, dungeons and world boss mobs is an easy yes.

As Neofit detailed with the Admin controls and the vast MOD community you can literally build the world to your liking and even add content to the game.

I agree that for PVE single player is probably the superior option vs PVE multi-player.

Yay cheat for the win lol

Yes but you’ll eventually want to branch out into multiplayer. At launch I’m going to start my own PvE server and build a wizard tower past the clouds to drop corpses on anyone who joins

i play single player too and its fun, but i cannot have purge attack in my play. i did make new game still no luck with purge attack. can someone tell me best setting to get purge attack fast in single player…

If you’re in a clan (even in single player) the purge meter feels up faster or so I’ve been told haven’t played around with the settings yet though