If I approached this as a singleplayer game is it worth the time?

I understand the game is well past it’s prime, not managed well from what I read and has low population. I’m just kind of interested in getting immersed in Conan world lore and so forth. I’ve been reading the books and think that would be fun.

If I started playing just to experience the quests and lore and so forth is it worth it? I guess raids are things that would need a lot of players but maybe I could just watch videos to experience those. What about dungeons would I be able to solo those if I get higher level than the dungeon?

Any info would be appreciated.

Yes it is.

Once you get out of Tortage you can choose between multiple regions which themselves have multiple zones. Lots of quests to do.

I’m not sure if you still have to buy Rise of the Godslayer expansion but that one adds great level 80 zones with lots of lore.

You can solo lower level dungeons later on. Probably need to be a around 20 levels above. But that also depends on your class.


You can yes, however about 80% of the actual content is group content at max level. It’s not like SWTOR for example which can be played a lot more like a RPG imo, Conan focuses more on groups and that’s where the most fun comes in for me at least.

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Is it possible for a new player at this point to be able to experience this max level group content you reference? Or is it mostly just done rarely and by already well-established groups and friends?

I just recently returned after 3-4 year break and was wondering the same. So far I’ve been able to grind out end game content quite well. Of course it takes longer to fill and can be harder to find people then it was a few years ago. However still doable with some patience. It’s actually worse for me because I live in a ■■■■■■ timezone that makes it hard to get online during EU and US prime time.

In other words, I can do most content I wanted at non prime time hours most of the time.
For T5 and T6 raid content you will however need to join a guild. Don’t even bother to join one of the 2 pugs that attempt it once a month, they won’t succeed there :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback

We have a fine pug-raid T5/T6 running, no guild-membership needed. But you need to gear up first and you need to know how to play your class.

You pretty much banned a solid 60-90% of the players that clear t5/6 with that second requirement.


Totally. Lore-wise, and the world too, the game is really good, with bunch of hints and references all around. Don’t forget to go into deep conversations with the NPCs :slight_smile:

About the singleplayer approach, I’d say still worth it. During the early game (Tortage) it’s even part of the gameplay, the night is singleplayer only.
The later game, 20-80 you also can play through as solo, for some group missions you will need to go back after you overleveled them, but most of the content is available for solo.
Even some early dungeons can be cleaned as a singleplayer, if you are much higher level.

The problems start at 80… and with some early dungeons too, where group is mandatory due to mechanics, like the pressure pads in Black Castle, or the Frost Father’s chains in the Amphitheatre. When at 80 you obviously can’t overlevel the dungeons anymore, so the singleplayer approach will be much more limited afterwards.

And AoC is a bit different from other games with the expansions and levelcap, Funcom added all the new content without raising the levelcap.
I would say cca. 35-40% of the game is at level 80, and a lot of those need a group…

I’d dare to push 95% :smiley:

But in answer to the OP, yes you can enjoy the game very easily as a single player game and probably push 100hours easy.

I would however advise asking to join higher-end pug discords, not only for raiding but for class-specific tips, builds and know-how. The earlier you learn a class and build muscle memory and good habits, the better it will serve you when it comes to raiding.

Could I get a link to these discords you mention?

Must be a US time zone thing because EU groups popping all the time raids on daily dawnsong destiny and Spartans all good guilds that do groups all the time and raid every day!

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