Do people still use Age Of Conan? How much so?

Is that worth getting back into that? *

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endcontent is played regularly, minigames are played regularly, but Funcom announced that there will be no new content.

For my opinion, it’s still a good game, but if you are looking for a long lasting MMO, you might want to look for another game. T6 was released years ago and there is nothing new to do.

But as it is free to play, you might just want to give it a try.

I couldn’t find a similar mmo

I have searched as well, nothing compares to AoC.


Only reason that I am not playing still is that it would make me miss all of my raid buddies that I used to game with more :frowning:


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Well I was considering trying to get back in there, but not sure it’s worth it if I’m not buyng the DLC. I also dont know 24 people that would want to build a city together.

Enough guilds out there with full T3 city lvl 20. Don’t bother building your own as it is just lots of grind.

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The game is amazing and has lots of good content that CAN be enjoyed if you are the type of person that can enjoy things without shiny rewards. Currently the game is built upon a big shortcut in progression (raid-finder) that nullifies 90% of the game in the sense of gearing your character.


Stay out of :poop:finder and do normal content you might still have some fun


Well the Khitan region seemed best years ago and really good. But I dont know if I would want to buy DLC content unless it was like 1 $. If I even went back there. Since I dont even know what class I like most there. Probably Guardian or Ranger. Not sure. Priest Of Mitra was also a maybe but not sure. *

If you bought Khitai (Rise of the Godslayer) years ago, you can enter it, even wihtout a subscription. If you play your old account ofc.

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It just really boils down to what you want to do in the game-
There are some guilds that still raid, and often Pugs-could be more, but there is usually something going on. World Boss is soon, most will be doing that.

PvP is pretty light, but then I don’t do much of it anymore- I’ve listed many times my reasons (afking, player QQ, unbalanced- most are PvP 10, geared out, and more reasons)

It is still a great game if you enjoy questing, the lore of Conan, leveling, exploring, selling resources, building. It is a bit tough to build up a guild with most already in a guild- but it could be something to strive for. The graphics still hold up in my opinion, the fight system is among the best I’ve seen, the story is rich and engaging, the music is awesome.

I’d say give it a try


i play still. mostly pvp. 7 hours a week

Those battles of 20 to 20 in the sands are gone and life isn’t nice without them

Yes it is very much worth it. Still fun as it was. I have been playing mini games and done some raids too. I just came back from 5 years. I was playing other MMORPG’s and this one is still King. I’ve noticed that the pop is not what it used to be but still noticed that there were more peeps playing vs last time I installed to look. This time I’m staying to play for good. I’m back home AoC…


I just got back after 8 years or so and I’m loving it all over again.

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