Old Fart returning to AoC & Secret World games

I’m a casual, older player who is currently installing both Age of Conan and The Secret World. I wanted to ask opinions from current players on what the population is like in the games, if it’s worth it to play, is it still fun, etc. If I find good people to play with and end up enjoying my return, I’ll probably end up subscribing again. I do know that all my old Secret World characters, progress and in-game purchases from my old account are gone (bummer), but does anyone know if it will be the same in Conan? Any ld farts like myself who are still playing, or who have returned recently?

All your Conan characters should still be here as long as they were more recent than the original low-level abandoned character wipe that happened back in the first year or two of the game. If your account was hacked in the intervening years, they might be naked and penniless.

Population is low, but guilds still do PvE. There are still good people out there. Plenty of trolls too.

Subscribing is hit or miss. Tons of payment issues and support takes weeks to months to respond. Best bet is probably to try only the old account management website (https://register.ageofconan.com/).

Changing game password reportedly doesn’t work anymore either.

For TSW, the original game is still technically there and running with your old characters, just no updates and crickets for a population. You have to find the original client in the old account pages to play.

The re-release, SWL is probably still doing better than AoC in terms of population. Better community typically.

Don’t expect any new updates to any Funcom MMOs moving forward. Just have fun playing old content.

Regarding Age of Conan,

The only server with any semblance of population is the PVE server known as Crom, so keep that in mind. Transferring between servers costs $5 USD You can only be done once every 30 days per character.

Don’t bother subscribing, fun con doesn’t deserve anyone’s hard earned money. Not to mention the payment system is so messed up that people are losing money and not getting their subscription. They’ve literally found a way to make it impossible to pay them. Probably for the best.

This company is the worst of the worst.
The game is all right besides that.
Just keep those expectations real low and I think you’ll be fine (until you inevitably get bored and move on). It’s free to play so the only thing you have to lose really is your time and a few gigabytes of hard drive space, unless you’re dumb enough to subscribe… Then you might lose your money too.

Can’t speak for TSW but I can’t imagine it’s in any better shape.
Caveat emptor.

P.s. If you have any technical issues and need help with it the petition response times stretch into the months upon months if you’re lucky and only then if you’re a paying subscriber. If you’re free to play player they won’t even help you.

Kind of sad


Correct !

That’s NOT a good advice :

  • regarding AA, time training and increased mastery/prowess gain is way better in the long term. 100 AA points are only a short term boost.
  • Full T3, that not a relevant armor set. you will get way better starts with epic 6men Dungeon gear.
  • extra spec : you get that for 1 month sub reward.
  • you get a good free account wide mount as a reward for 2 ( or 3 ? ) months of subscription that dosn’t need any training.
  • Royal Treasure Chests, aka a lot more change of getting only a few tokens than something really useful.

Premium sub will also unlock 6 (or 7 for recent accounts) unlocked character slots, let you train aa with time on all characters at the same time, let you gain 1 expertise (aa) point every time you level up (that’s 79 points if you level a character from level 1), gain extra xp, pvp xp, aa xp, extra tokens of almost all kinds, remove the 10 gold cap, etc. It will give you a lot more in the long term than a “ultimate character” package.

You will need gold to buy only the chest and legs from t6, you can loot everything else. And even if you can beat the game with t4 armor, t6 is still more powerful for most situations.


All totally valid points obviously, but it is worth pointing out how difficult it is to actually subscribe in this game. Accounts getting frozen or locked etc because of bad payment systems or w/e.

When I still subbed, it would cancel every month even though I had auto pay on. And it also cancelled my time train perks ! Thanks ■■■■■■ !
I just wish an mmo of the caliber of the combat system and setting would pop up cause I hate to even log into this game a lot of times.

I never had any issue paying Funcom for subscription or points.