AOC 2020? old player asking

Hi everyone

I have not been playing AOC since it released, many years ago. So have a few questions.

  1. How is the game right now?
  2. Do the most people play on EU or NA servers?
  3. Do they make new content to the game, or is it slow like Secret world?
  4. Do people still raid in this game?

Welcome to the forums. You might get better responses by posting on the Age of Conan forums. This is the Conan Exiles forum (different game by the same company). Hope that helps!

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AoC is a fun game, you get rewarded for not dying.
Might go play. It seems this one is broked up .

Hi @Deathleecher. Your question was moved to the correct sub-forum: Age of Conan.

EDIT: I see you have already already created a new thread. It would be best if you continue the discussion there:

One Thread is enough.