Would you pay 50 euros for Congo?

Would you pay 50 euros to play the next chapter in Secret World Legends?
If that money could make Funcom consider making the Congo expansion, i would pay for it.


Would I pay for Congo Pre-Order that might or might not get made? No. I’m sorry, but Funcom doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to long term development or good communication about said development.

Would I pay for a Congo DLC if it gets released and is of a respectable size? I.e. not SA but more like, say, CF (which is the smallest of the full scale zones). Yeah, but not 50. 30 is a good price if it’s a complete story beat that also includes a dungeon + all the elite scaling for that dungeon (different mechanics etc). That in my opinion is generous, since for example SWTOR that has enough players to actually support the game via subscriptions just gives the actual content away for free if you have a sub (which is if I recall correctly is the same price as SWL patron) and not require additional purchases at all. 30 is half of a AAA game price which for a DLC for a 10 year old game is more than fair imo.

There is an option to pay to get more SWL story content, although not in video game form and not exactly canon. There is officially licensed 5e compatible tabletop RPG that is coming out soon that will have lore sections that you can read. I’m not sure if there’s still a way to back it in any way, but it will be available for purchase at Drivethrurpg eventually.


Let’s be honest, I’d probably would.I’m that starved of SWL content. Although, as @Polin has mentioned, that’s rather expensive. On the other hand, that’s four months of patron and some of us are already paying that.

Nope. And I spent plenty in TSW, and a small bit early on in SWL. I have absolutely zero faith in the continued investment by Funcom into their products-- what product? Any and all products. I haven’t made any other purchases of Funcom produced or developed games, either. At this point the track record is there (to be honest, the track record was there in TSW, with their prior games) to show that it’s all baked into the way they operate as a company.


First of all no that would be dumb, it was always a failed way to earn money and wouldnt pay for peoples lunch during development period.

Second; the people that could do anything development in this game is working on other games currently. Profitable games. They release regular developer streams about those games.

Conan Exiles was released in 2017 fyi, same year as SWL relaunch. Lets not pretend that Funcom should pull the few people familiar with dreamworld engine and stop developing a succesful game in favour of this one at least anytime soon.

Only hope is resources being allocated at some point.

Everyone wants more content in this game. Just need to stay on this planet with expectations

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I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Funcom has “profitable games” plural, it’s mostly Exiles I think, nor will pulling 3.5 people who know about Dreamworld engine stop the entire development, but I do agree that there is no way that current SWL playerbase is able to pay for anything. We actually have very good estimate on how much money FC would be able to get for a dlc and looking at Star Anvil Kickstarter, even if we multiply it by 5 times it’s still not even going to touch 1 mil.

I don’t think it’s exactly fair to say that paying for DLC for an mmo is “always a failed way to earn money”, ESO does it, GW2 I think and I’m sure a fair bit of other games, SWTOR like I mentioned just locks all current dlcs behind one time patron purchase of any duration. But that is because, unlike SWL those games have players to support that kind of monetizations. I’ve seen opinions that the income from SWL relaunch went into Exiles that launched around the same time, I’m not sure how plausible that is, we still got a decent amount of development past that with DA and OD despite some of that possibly being things that were originally slated for TSW in some kind of shape or form.

Pretty much the only way I see them coming back to do anything with the game is if after releasing Dune MMO they for some reason decide to make a sequel to SWL and make a final “bridge” between two games in a shape of a story interlude or some kind of event.

Not particularly likely given their Dune strategy games actually seems to be doing quite good in early access, much more probable that they would double down on Dune MMO and content for it.

Ehrm…Metal Hellsinger?

Also consider all games under Funcom is not developed by the team working with this game engine. Its only the correct people that needs to be freed. People we currently see in Exiles developer streams

You dont need to give examples from other games. TSW did it. Which ultimately ended up as SWL.

Hellsinger is not an mmo and is not currently in development. Last patch was a year ago from what I can see. I doubt anyone is working on it currently. (ed. I should clarify, I meant to say “profitable games, already released, currently under development”. Both Hellsinger and Dune have good reviews so I’m glad Funcom is able to make money elsewhere. I’m quite confident even SWL is still paying it’s own server bills)

I never claimed that they need to free anyone. Funcom has more than 450 employees, obviously not all of them are developers, but I’m assuming that one can pull a reasonable amount from Exiles team without halting it’s development, especially since you can probably easily replace people who can work with UE, but it’s not as easy to find people who can work with SWL engine. But like I said, there’s no reason to even slow down Exiles development, their flagship game currently, over some B-list title. Actually, looking at the list of Funcom stuidos, Dune MMO is probably already pulling a significant amount of devtime from Exiles as is.

I brought up other games because I was refuting the claim that it’s “always” a failed way to earn money, not that it can be a bad way to earn money. There’s a distinction. It didn’t work out for Funcom, but I’m yet to see a comprehensive analysis on why.

The last hotfix for Hellsinger was 11 days ago and a game doesnt need to be an mmo to need resources. No idea why you claim Hellsinger is not in development? did they say that anywhere?

You mean Hotfix 1.5.1 (2022.01.19)? I think it has been 1 year and 11 days ago. Unless I’m missing something.

Edit: Yeah, I haven’t looked at the post note, I think they made a typo in the hotfix dating. Regardless, I don’t think were even in disagreement on the initial topic? Are any of Hellsinger devs former SWL devs?

the post itself is written 11 days ago as in 19.01.2023. Its likely they wrote 2022 by accident

Is Nirvelle, the person we likely need back to make any progress in SWL currently showing up in Conan Exiles dev streams? Yes.

Is Funcom working on other projects? Yes

Does Funcom have more then one profitable games? Yes.

Is Hellsinger in development still? Yes

Was paid DLC in The Secret World a failure? Yes

Is this thread and others like it a waste of time? Yes

Hellsinger is not relevant to discussion because it’s not developed by Funcom and therefore has no effect on dev allocation whatsoever. I’m not sure why it was even worth bringing up. I never disputed that Exiles infringes on SWL’s dev time, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to collapse Exiles if one person goes back to work on SWL which was my original point. The catch is that there is no reason to.

I mean, I think there’s a helpful discussion to be had about why those paid DLCs were a failure if only to not have it happen in the future, but we could also just not.

Weird string of claims. Clearly ANY game earning money for Funcom despite who is developing it and in what country both can and will affect dev allocation for any future current or past project. MONEY TALKS.

When it comes to one singular man being put on the project its the opposite of what Funcom employes have previously said. After TSW they downsized to a size that could not maintain and build in their own rendering engine. 3 people in the rendering team that should be 30 people wasnt enough…which directly led to the spinoffs like The Park being made in Unreal4 (Which can be maintained with a small team) If 3 is not enough for dreamworld, 1 is not enough. maintaining the backend is work enough.

As for beating the long dead DLC horse; We already had the discussion about DLC since 2012 when TSW launched and trough several changes later. SO no I dont think its helpful 11 years later to talk about it unless its about never doing this again.
They literally tell us that while developing the issues the game wasnt making enough money to sustain a development team and people got pulled off to other games not to make them bankrupt. Funcom employes has all along even recent months said it was outdated even at launch. Paying for game + paying for content and on top of that pay for subscription is horrible. Other games launching at same time made that a thing of the past. Its a direct reason that led to SWL being a thing.

Personally and this is my opinion and guesses only; If something is coming with any sort of urgency in this game it will be small tweaks like the previously mentioned DPS rebalance, maybe some missing missions or small things. Best case missing dungeons if it can be done with small tweaks. More content and release of original planned issues? Not likely unless something big happens like Secret World “tv series” actually happens and gets an absurd amount of traction.

Only for those who continue to comment on them lol

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I’d pay 50 euros (or $50, or whatever) for any new expansion. Congo wouldn’t be my first choice, but at this point, I’d take anything.

Yes I absolutely would.

At this point I would pay 50 dollars for an expansion that only included Elite Facility, SH, MFA, MFB, Eidolon, and Flappy (and I’d be happy to leave Flappy out of it.) I just want the WHOLE GAME we were promised when they made us switch over to this client.


Yes i could even 100e pay but they will not add any paid dlc as a they said. Even if we want contest from TSW prapobly we have to wait longer. Funcom still work on other games thats why sometimes i more belive as a other people said - our money from aurum going to support other games project. If everything is only about money include old contest Funcom should be cut off from aurum money until they bring something new. Then maybe they’ll think to do something.

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Yes I would pay fifty–I WOULD PAY 100 dollars–for new content at this point. Even if it’s only to patch in all the missing elite dungeons from TSW that they conveniently ‘forgot’ to include when they released this game woefully unfinished. There’s just no other game on the market that remotely comes close to filling the niche that Secret World occupies, and since no one’s likely to MAKE one any time soon, either, this is all that I play anymore.

The last time I pre-emptively paid Funcom money to ‘encourage them,’ SWL happened.