Secret world stopped?

Has Funcom, stopped working on SW ? Imean the last patch note was in 2020, 1 year ago.

I also play Age of conan, its also without content for a long time.

Do Funcom just stop supporting their games?

I quess they are perfect already. People log in, and thats enough…

Games only get active development if they continue to bring in profits that merit it, by whatever metrics the company uses for profitability.

Secret World stopped in 2017, when some smart guy at FC thought it was a good idea to “relaunch” the game so they would sell it on consoles (hence the reticle targeting), removing some content and adding microtransactions.
Except the changes in gameplay made many old players run away, since the complex TSW turned into a really basic MMO. (Please Funcom, relaunch Anarchy Online the same way you did with TSW, AO veterans would be so happy)

Funcom prolly did get some revenues from in-game transactions in 4 years, but it’s kinda over now, since recently Amazon launched their MMO, and SWL lost many players. Again.

Also, if you read the SWL press release FAQ you may read the following :
“Will all content from The Secret World be available in Secret World Legends at launch?
Secret World Legends will relaunch with the original eight adventure playfields, scenarios, and dungeons available immediately. In the time following the relaunch, we will release Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, Raids, and the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.”
Funcom lied on that, there are still dungeons & raids that are unavailable despite we’re 4 years after the launch.

So yes, the game is dying, and I doubt anyone at FC is giving a d*mn about it.


I hate to see my favorite game die down, but i believe you are right. I had some hope after Tencent bought up Funcom that maybe they would get some more money to develop the game. But it seems like they are done with it:/ Now i just wish they would sell it to a game company that actually cares.



I’ve been playing Genshin for the past year instead of SWL (it’s got puzzles okay!!) and I’m just like. Still getting used to getting brand new content every 6 weeks without fail.

I adore secret world so much. But also knowing they’ve been allowing others to use their IP (the fanwritten novels being published, and also the endorsed tabletop DnD reskin) I hope that Funcom would be open to the idea of someone big picking it up or something.