Try to come back

What the hell… I´m trying to come back to aoc. Installed the game an now i have to load 20k files with 300 kb/s? Dudes, there is a better way!

Download the game through steam. its much faster

I did it. The whole game. Then the louncher starts an received 20k files with 3.5gb total.

But i got it now.

First look on Tortage was amazing again.
Best mmorpg of all time.

I dont have much time to play, but we will see us!


I have a new account. (Cant remember my password for the account an the mail-adress…)

I have to check now what i need to play.

I started yesterday as f2p… if i buy a monthly subscribe, is that enough to play the whole game or do i have to buy something else?

A sub grants access to the entire game but you might have to buy the expansion packs. Not sure on that.

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Thanks dude,

Today i dont have the time, but i think i buy a sub on friday.
Then its enough content for the first time.

Iirc you only have the basic game and need the expansion packs for Kithai (Rise of the godslayer), Turan (Savage coast of Turan), Vanaheim and Dragon spine to have fully access to all content, no matter if f2p or subscriber.

Godslayer is a must-have.
Dragon spine as well, if you want endgame-raiding (t5 + t6) and 3 6man-dungeons.
Turan is nice to have for additional raid (t3.5), 2 lvl 80-solo-dungeons and one lvl 80-6man-dungeon.
Vanaheim isn’t really worth bying nowadays.


A sub doesn’t grants access to the entire game. In fact the amount of content a F2p player gets and a subscriber gets is absolutely the same. Level 1 to 80.

Sadly the reasons to sub to AoC aren’t really there and you can easily play to your hearts content totally as a F2p player.

Everyone has to buy the Godslayer expansion and the various Adventure Packs they offer if you want to quest in those areas.

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I get a year sub. Breaks down to $8 a month. Way worth it for benefits of sub and time I spend in game.

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I first play a little bit with a sub. Later, with level 80, i can buy the dlcs…

Thank you for your answers, sorry for my english.