Returning after long time, how do I get back into the game

Hey, I wanted to scratch an itch again and play some AoC, after ten years of not playing. I have a level 80 ToS that mostly has blue level 75 gear (I think that’s what we called Tier 0.5 set which drops from mobs in Kheshatta) with 2-3 purple pieces propably from T1. For my build I used a guide on this forum (Thanks to u/force). I just tried to step into Tarantia Common District and try out my character and got overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Seeing all the Expansions/DLC and the multiple level 80 zones and solo dungeons is kinda overwhelming, since I’m not sure if my character is strong enough. What would you recommend for me to do at this point? Should I just start questing in Rise of the Godslayer and farm out the the Scarlet Circle set or will I be too weak for that (I of course don’t have any AA points yet)? Apparently, I have the Secrets of Dragonspine unlocked on my account, can I play there or will I be undergeared for that anyway? Thanks for any help, kinda lost here (Crom Server btw.)


Both Godslayer & Dragonspine are lvl 80 PLUS zones so yes you’d probably find yourself at a disadvantage. (Dragonspine was part of the old sub game and when the game went F2p, those that had a sub got it added to their accounts which is why you have it)

If you want to keep playing your ToS I’d say go to the Villa’s in the Noble District to get back into the swing of things. For upgrading your equipment you might want to do the World Boss that starts tomorrow and farm it as it’ll drop some good armor & weapons from time to time.

Best bet, would be to start a new character in Tortage and just refamiliarize yourself with the
game play.


I agree with Nebless, and probably would suggest re-rolling and start over to acquaint yourself again with ToS or anything. Lots of changes over 10 years, so I hear.

Welcome back!


Thanks for the answers. So, if I a, going to reroll should I stick with ToS or just go for something else? How good is ToS now?

Welcome back.
More than gear (an experienced player can do all solo Dragon Spine with lower gear than yours), it’s more a matter of gameplay and knowledge of the class. Age of Conan is a game where even a small group of opponents can be a serious threat: if you’re surrounded and enemies hit you too much in a row, you quickly get even an “overwhelming” debuff making opponent hits more stronger.
Timing, the right timing to do a certain attack or ability in combat can make an huge difference. So player skills and experience have an important role in gameplay as much as the gear if no more.

All this to say it’s normal that non playing since a very long time, you can find hard some maps (btw some mobs in Commons stun/knockback a lot). Jarafin’s suggestion to re-roll a character is good cause you can learn/re-learn again the class (on the long way it’s the best suggestion).

If you don’t want give up with your lv 80, try Keshatta and Northern Grassland maps, pay attention to not pull more than 1-2 opponents at the beginning, and focus on spell rotation. Basically, in pve, the tempest of set is a small/medium range aoe spellcaster off-tank that can handle group of enemies. You keep the position, keep up your blu and green heal, and drop aoe spell around you (storm field, idol, curse of set, call lightning) while you root/stun/kb (quicksand, eye of storm, cobra stare) and hit (charged blast, lighting strike) targets. You start relatively slow (it’s not a burst damage class comparable to a demo), but you can “build” in a short time an huge dps on the area all around you.
For Khitai, the green gear you can buy in the map villages and the blue gear you will get following quests it’s enough to start.

I would re-roll. It doesn’t take long to get to 80, you relearn the class and if you’re subbed you will have 80 AA points to spend when you hit level 80.

As suggested before, villas are a good start to get into spell-rotation, but as well northern graslands shouldn’t be too hard with your gear as long as you are careful to not pull too many mobs at the same time.
Chosain can get more difficult, but should be doable for an unexperienced player with your gear as well (biggest issue with your gear might be the lack of hit rating, which can cause some missing hits or resists).
Kara Korum, Paikang and Dragon spine will be challenging without experience and low gear, so be ready to start running before you die :wink:
Although I’m not a big friend of raidfinder, I’d recommend doing it once per week. Imho you don’t learn much in rf, but you get an impression of several raid-encounters (highly nerfed versions of original encounters).
World boss is quite boring, but might drop some t1/t2 pieces or (with huge luck) t3ish weapons. Iirc december wb starts on a wednesday around xmas, not on the 1st wednesday of a month like the other 11 wbs

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In case you want to know more about the expansion in detail, I also wrote a guide about the DLCs and what you get or when they become important.

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Honestly, I would wait with everything till FC fixes their sh*t. Rn, its nothing more than a clusterfk with a lackluster Customer Support, tickets taking 3+ weeks to be replied to…and no one even watching over the events that normally would happen, like Halloween. Ffs, they were so late with it you have to wonder if AoC isnt just ran automatically.

Ofc customer support is taking way too long, especially when it comes to payment issues, but I wouldn’t call everything a clusterf***.
I can play without issues 99% of the time (just some lags, but it’s not funcom being responsible for all of them). Most bugs are visual ones, which don’t affect the gameplay.
For me the halloween-event started somewhen before oct, 31st and lasted for 2 weeks like every year. Not sure when you expected it to start and why you claim it to have started belated, which I’d have understood, if it started in november or was skipped completely.

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If i were an returning player, with an existing lvl 80, I would try to gear up my lvl 80 toon and enjoy end game. This is an mmo and in an mmo is fun to play with other people. Leveling a new toon now can be abit lonely as most players play endgame.

I would lvl myself up in khitai factions by doing quests and such, but mostly i would join raid Finder, world boss AND the easier khitai dungeons. Like flame, vortex and palace. There are plenty of groups running these dungeons where you have half team well geared and other half undergeared. this way you earn tokens and can buy khitai gear.

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