Subscription overhaul?


Since things are looking quite good for Funcom (Conan Exiles is in the Top 10 in the category Top Games By Current Players on Steam Charts), maybe now is the time to consider overhauling the subscription for Anarchy Online?

This might be beating a dead horse, but I’ll ask anyway: Can 2018 be the year where Anarchy Online truly goes Free To Play, or even Buy To Play, with an optional subscription (á la Secret World Legends), or is this something that will never ever happen?

It would be really nice to know, once and for all.

Thank you in advance.


There’s plenty of things they could do to reignite interest in this game that would take almost 0 effort, changing the sub model would be one of them.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will do anything because they’re literally putting the lowest amount of resources possible into this and the game is effectively under maintenance.