Anniversary incoming? Free week? <3 :D

Sooo… anniversary stuff incoming soon? Will there be a free week?


I’m glad someone stepped up and asked. I hope we can depend on Funcom being consistent

They should just drop the sub. The game is in maintenance mode. I know around 20 people that would come back to the game if they dropped the sub. and just beefed up the cash shop with cosmetics like the do with TSWL. They give you the whole game with TWSL but don’t want to do it with AO which again is in maintenance mode. That’s just crazy on Funcoms part. The game is 17 years old for crying out loud.

Totally agree. It’s completely ridiculous.

Yeh would also come back ASAP if they drop the sub or lower the sub price to like 5e per month.

It is worth noting that they killed the secret world for me with what they did (not even counting the fact that the game is badly optimized and the fact that they released a ‘sprint skin’ NO not even a mount, a goddammn sprint skin on Samhaïn, the joke). But at least they did work on TSW.
What are they doing for Anarchy Online ?
Why is the game so unpopular ? I mean it has SO MUCH potential, but it seems like as soon as World of Warcraft got released, they stopped trying ^^.

To me personally, i acknowledge that Anarchy Online is a big piece of history, and i regard it as mythic for that sole reason. Now even if they lowered the sub-price i might not even buy it. I find the game extremely boring as soon as theres no quests to do. And the game seems to be solely focused on killing mindlessly again and again, in a game where your character stays static, well, yeah i know the game is old, but no.

I’m just glad the servers are still running. And that you can play as froob for free.

But yeah, it would be even more amazing if they dropped the sub cost completely. I think. Knowing FC they might ruin the game completely in the process… :weary:

Anyway… bump for free week! :grin:

Free week would be amazing. I dont really play any games nowdays, but i would slay the hell out of AO if they would let me get into my old paid account.

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Same here. Pretty sure me and my girlfriend would reactivate our accounts (4 accounts all together), but with the high cost + sort inventories, perks, nanos and so on it’s not tempting to do it. If they lowerd the cost i’m pretty sure we would give up our froob life and go back to our payed accounts

Bump for free week

Edit: Havent seen any anouncment. Will there be a gridstream party?

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A free week would net FC less cash in the long run than you think. There are quite a few hardcore players with billions of creds in inactive accounts who can live off GRACE for months before they ultimately cancel.

Someone has paid real life cash for those GRACE’s so FC still gets money, even if you only pay ingame credits for them

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I’m afraid the subs will never go down …

If FC cuts subs by 1/2, they will NOT get twice as many active subscribers (for more than a month, anyhow).

I disagree, they will get a fair number of people returning as the cost would be more viable, including those with more than 1 account

I agree. People are tired of pretty much all the new games being a fail cash grab so they look into the old games that has nostalgia value. Wow vanilla pretty much is good example. If they would lower the sub price i bet there would be tons of old players returning to AO even tho it has its flaws. But hey, no game is perfect.

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If they lowered it to say 5 bucks a month i bet they would get more money than they are now.

Hmm, free week you say?




…okay, we can do that. Starting today until July 5, any account in good standing can play regardless of membership status.


They should just drop the sub. The game is in maintenance mode.

The only reason the game is still up is because they can make money from it still. There’s zero incentive for them to disable subs, they aren’t keeping AO up out of the goodness of their hearts. FC is a business and they are making easy money off of a game wherein they do nothing but make sure the server still works.

Thanks alot! Trying to figure out my perks and nanos. Its fun to be able to go to SL again

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How about lowering the sub. price to 5 bucks.

Pretty much this. Im tempted to hop in, but current sub is just not today.