Happy 17th Anniversary AO

As a good mother Funcom gives you :
1 - Maintenance mode
2 - No New GFX engine
3 - No Lower subs (the highest of any mmo out there)
4 - No Profession Rebalance

But hey , lets be happy , you’re still the mmorpg with the highest potential out there, you just need a new home, or your mother start caring about yourself.

And better , you still paying everything for your little brothers like Conan and TSW.


A still caring player after all this years.

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I’m actually getting away from this NMOM and Stockholm Syndrome bs. I canceled both of my annual renewal accounts. I will no longer put money into AO until we either get a new game in the AO universe.

I’m with you on being a caring player, but I’m also done being a sucker. Since it’s OBVIOUS nothing will ever happen again with the AO IP, this will be my last ‘anniversary’ in the game.

Sad days, but sometimes it’s just time to move on with life.

Off to a good start already, I see