Monthly sub to get better servers

Hi Funcom,
I got +2000 hours in Conan and LOVE this game. But I am so close to leave this game for good.
The servers are too unstable and too laggy !!! It makes my whole clan quit.
Atm we are getting raided on official pvp server 1200 and its so laggy that we cant do anything.
Its a waste of time really.

Why dont you put a monthly sub on this game, to afford some better servers?
Or do something about it?
I seems you dont give a **** about it really?

So you mean like paying for a private server? You can do that. They exist.
I personally use g-portal for mine, but there’s plenty of services that exist.

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This ^ . Also i’m out if they implement mandatory monthly subs across the board. Don’t give them ideas. We don’t need a CE WoW copy.


Agreed, not to mention this would be especially unfair for PS4 and Xbox One players, as they already have to pay a subscription if they want to play online.


Because people don’t want to pay more, and they may have calculated that a monthly subscription would drive away more potential customers’ money than it would bring in subscriptions.

Private servers exist for those with cash to spare for better service. Admittedly, they’re dependent on the whims of the server host, rather than Funcom.

Now, some sort of optional “VIP subscription” for premium-quality service could be feasible, but a not insignificant number of people (including basically all Single-players) are reasonably satisfied with the service as is and would probably be quite annoyed, even up to the point of quitting, if they had to pay so someone else could have better servers. So I don’t think Pay-to-play would be realistic as the only option.

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