Gold advice level 29

I’m currently a level 29 barbarian and looking for advice on how to get gold so I can get a companion to fight with me. I mined resources and tried to sell them for a fair price and no takers yet. Wondering if there is a legit and legal way to get some as fast as I can.

You get 35 silver per day doing the daily challenges. The profitable stuff you can mine at your level is only the rares: tin, black silver and ebon ash. How much do you need? There really aren’t any fighting pets until level 80, as far as I know. I could be wrong there. Are you in a guild? Many guilds would be willing to get gear and loot for new lowbies. -Mike

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You can work the weekly raid and the World Boss when up. Kind of hit and miss, but some of the prizes in the box is gold and silver.

Don’t forget if F2p you have a gold cap of 10g in your account active. Anything over goes into escrow and you can’t unlock it unless you sub.

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I am in a guild, but I have only seen other people active once. I appreciate the help. I found some cool items that were like 24 gold in total but I have a cap of 10 gold so I would need to have separate purchases. Unfortunately mining stuff got harder for me. For the past week all of the resources I could find were already mined.

If you send me the item names in message or on here and your character name, I’ll buy them for you.

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Hello I appreciate that. I looked and the companion was a social companion so it isn’t useful unfortunately. I guess that just leaves the hyperborean scout cache and the breast enlargement xl on my list. My name is Shadowrawr in the game.

Glad you got your priorities in order


These two items are bought using Token of Gilding, you cannot trade them or send to other players, you need to collect them from daily login or buy them from the item store.


hey gotta look sharp on the battle field

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that makes sense I thought they cost gold, I know I got tokens of gilding from the daily log in but I had no idea how to use them or where they were stored. Looks like I have about 5 saved up so I just gotta be patient for now. I appreciate the help!

Do you know how I can get a combat companion?

There aren’t combat companions actually. The tiger and the wolf you can get from the factions do some damage but it’s very low. Only the necro has pets that actually fight.

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I did some researching, and the jhil companions you can buy in front of the OT trader for gilding tokens are combat companions. They seem to hit for about 20-30dps, which isn’t much, but beats nothing. Can be used to pull mobs. I have no way to verify, but marked level 20. -Mike

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The best pet you can get is the Kappa, which gives you some nice buffs, but is not a combat pet. The combat pets are pretty much useless, except if you want to use them to pull mobs from range.


Actually, there’s a nice pet that drops in House of Crom, the Furious Spirit, but it’s definitely not easy to get.
Here’s how to get it: link

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You can get some in the guild city (from quest and the cats for some silver/gold, can´t remember).

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The achievement system unlocks one combat pet for every archetyp at a certain level which i forgot. Rogues unlock a fu dog with + off combat speed, soldiers a rock nose that has a chance of stunning the mob etc.
Those are fairly usefull, although they do not do much damage, ad all combat pets.
The archetype pets will be a long way for you though.


Thank you for the help everyone! Wasn’t expecting this many response’s

Reminds me of a funny guy from the UK who years ago uttered the words “Can we please pull the boss now? My breast enlargement is wearing off soon!” :smiley: