Gold acquisition?

So I get that you’re supposed to get goldstone from obsidian nodes, it’s just I get like 10 gold per 1000.
Is there some other good, or even not so good, source?
Possibly a particular tool? Been using pickaxe.

It seems like the devs are tweaking our noses with the gold requirements on the DLC armor, nearly impossible to get resource for a level 10 item. :frowning:
(i.e. haha you paid money for this and we take your gold in game too)

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At the pirat bay area are a few chest under water (6 or 7 around the ship wrack) .
This is for me the best place to get gold and silver.
They respawn at least every hour and you can get 40 - 100 gold dust from one run.

Mh… Before, there was a single chest near black galleon which sometimes even contained gold bars (!).
Those same chests are to be found in the river and near the coast of the swungle. So to get gold, looking for said chests should be the best source (reliability+amount) to get gold.

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Pirate bay? That’s the bit way out east, in the Jungle. Ack. Need to get a maproom then, I guess. I’m setup on the opposite side of the map.

the skeletons in front of the black keep tend to drop quite a bit of gold as well as hardened steel and sometimes even star metal :slight_smile:


Now THAT I’m close to.

there are quite a few hidden chests around that area as well

I found some other sources in another topic here’s the link. Not so much the title or the poster’s suggestion but the first reply on the thread.

If you can get your hands on an obsidian pick you can get heaps out of the obsidian nodes. You’ll probly need a trip to the well of skelos though.

I have a base in that area, near Road of the Pilgrim, for that very reason.

Farm the silent legion NPCs, the chests around the black keep area, farm the living magma’s for demon blood and brimstone, do the obsidian nodes, go back to small outpost base and wait til I hear the 2 silent legion npcs respawn back near my base.

Rinse repeat a few times and then use my maproom to go back to my mainbase with the loot.

By doing this I have maprooms at all but 1 of the obelisks.

Me too. Usually get 40 - 60 gold out of the nodes on way into volcano.

Apparently I need to upgrade from the pick-axe, I only got about 10 and 800-1000 obsid and 900+ ash, had to drop the ash, hope I don’t need it later.

You will need the raw ash for the better version of the compost. :slight_smile:

Ash is good for farming but you need very little a single stack will do you awhile

Those 4 tiny things are sunken ships. There are 1-3 chests at each one and they contain gold and silver. North where the pirate ship is are 4 chests underwater. If you go to the mast of the ship, dive down and you’ll see 3 against the rock and one on a small ledge.

Between bars and coins I can get 100 gold dust per run.


I use an obsidian pick with advanced tool upgrade. They’re not very durable but they tend to get a lot of the rarer loot like gold from obsidian and resin and bark from trees. You’ll need to beat the well of skelos to be able to craft it. Tough fight, bring friends.

Failing that the black ice picks is pretty good too, but you’ll need to beat the frost giant. Much easier.

question; how to apply the upgrades cause im at a loss here :slight_smile:

Last time I was down there, the barrier wasn’t big enough to block the tablet, so there was no need to fight the boss.

Just pull them atop the item you want to upgrade.
It has to be at full durability though.

A button on Xbox, first on upgrade, next on tool. As Sagranda said, must be fully repaired. I had some difficulty at first because it wasn’t giving me an error, just didn’t work, until I read about the fully repair part.
I haven’t tried in a bench, just in my inventory.

I hadn’t previously found any reason to go to the jungle, my most recent bases are not even on your screenshot, they are so far away from there. (north and west)