Gold and silver hunting

Hiya :slightly_smiling_face:,
So im a solo player but im struggling getting to the volcano for gold and getting silver for making the map room. If anyone has any tips on knowing other locations or ways in getting these I would appreciate the help :sweat_smile:.

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On the east of the map you have chests with gold and silver at some ship wrecks.


The wine cellar and underwater dungeons have a fair amount of gold and silver in their chests. Also, the silver mine scorpion dungeon has silver nodes on the the outside, as well as inside.

  1. Build two or three large animal pens in your main base, a small outpost in front of King’s Niche in the west and a small outpost near the Vilayet Sea in the southeast of the Exiled Lands.

  2. Then you kill Beastmaster Teimos, which you can find in his camp near the sea. He drops a mask that allows you to breathe underwater for much longer. In the sea you will find many treasure chests and you can also farm brimstone.

  3. At King’s Niche, you should take a strong thrall with you. You will also find many chests with gold and silver. Any gold coins you find should be kept.

  4. After a while you master the dream dungeon of Jhebbal Sag and farm a lot of Shadebloom in it.

  5. Now is the time to buy in the Den rocknose eggs with your gold coins (one egg costs ten gold coins). You incubate the eggs in the compost and then put the little rocknoses in your pens and feed them with Shadebloom spiced gold dust, which you can prepare on a stove.

  6. After that you have goldnoses, you feed them with stone and as a result you don’t get dung but pooped gold nuggets. But in between you can always empty treasure chests in the sea and in the King’s Niche.

C’est fini! :sweat_smile: Hope this helps you and the others to solve your gold and silver shortage. Otherwise you should note that there is a silver mine near Sepermeru, where you can easily mine silver - that’s why I think you should only breed goldnoses and no silvernoses.

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There’s a gold rocknose on the path up to the volcano, drops way more gold than just mining the nearby obsidian. When I need to farm a ton of gold I just hit him, grab the nearby obsidian, and afk until he respawns and repeat.


Go to you tube and look for gold and silver, there are maps with markers.
We get most of ours from the sea. Silly pirates forgot to batten down the hatches

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Wow, alot more info! Awsome ty!!! :grin: I have got all i needed now from sunken shipwrecks!! But il take all this on for the future!!

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@Jimbo said it. Hunting down gold rocknoses is the most efficient way, and the one by the Path of the Pilgrim is the easiest to access.
Addtionally, you can farm some bearers while gold rocknoses haven’t respawned. T3 bearers have a chance to drop 250*X chemical bases, X being 1,2or3.
Good luck


My understanding is that you need alchemical base isn’t it?
The best alternative for getting huge amounts of alchemical base will always be bearers lvl 3. In order to find multiple bearer spawns is Den. Sometimes you may take 750 pieces of alchemical base just from a bearer pack. It’s rng of course you may take other things instead, but keep killing them, they are really profitable.
Now, for me the safest way for a new player to gain gold and silver is jungle underwater wrecks. It has a huge amount of chests underwater that will provide you multiple coins and bars.
Going to volcano is not really that hard you know, all you need is a safe path my friend and guess what, it exists :grin:.
Take the road from the mount of the dead to the dragon mouth. When you find the dragon mouth take the left (northern) path, and soon you’ll find a way that’s called the hidden path. In the bottom of this path create a small shelter.
This area around has some ice so even if you forget to take ice with you, the neighborhood has to cover your visits for gold ores.
If you go up this hidden path your enemies are only rocknoses. Any good mace 3lights one heavy will bring them down really fast. Don’t use lock target, it’s affecting your battle, the rocknoses react strange on lock target sometimes. This area in not so dangerous but it has plenty of obsidian nodes. Piece by piece and carefully explore the volcano, it’s a really rewarding biome. But make baby steps and learn the areas as safe as possible. Place a bedroll to your small shelter and a campfire that will have some ice, a couple potions, and a torch.
Play safe.
The entrance of the silver mine and the ground floor of the silver mine are very safe. Your enemies are scorpions and rocknoses. If you harvest the scorpions you’ll gain ichor too.
The amounts of silver, iron, stone and coal are huge. It’s an easy biome, just don’t take the narrow path with crystals to go to the basement and you’ll be safe :grin:.
Good luck my fellow exile.
If you need more photos and more info how to go safely to the mount of the dead feel free to ask.

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Wow ty for all that! :grin:

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