Gold? wher i find


wher i can farm fast gold like silver i take in vulcano all spots with obsidian and got only 90 gold -.- with blackblod pick

Buy Rock Nose eggs.
Hope for a Gold Veined Rock nose

Keep it in the taming pen, they poop gold.

Just remember to wash the Gold before you smelt it. :wink:


The palace of the witch queen in the water on the other side swimming down there is a boat that gives you some alongside others around the water in that whole area

There are several more sunken boats about, even on the rivers. Also out in the jungle there is a silver mine. (some fighting involved)

Dont forget all those chests under the ship also.
Never have to fight a thing, just swim around and collect.

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Some chest under the water are in deep spots if your not careful you could drown trying to loot the chests down there you should farm a few underwater breathing masks or underwater breathing potions

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There are also many chests inside the Unnamed City that spawn gold and silver, in form of coins and even bars.

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No use with x1 production rates.
Economics of Rocknoses

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Don’t forget underwater chests in the Pirate Bay! There are many, and this bay is rather shallow so you don’t need breathing mask.

Interesting read :slight_smile: I’ve never got round to trying the rocknose option (Buccaneer Bay or the volcano (or murdering t3 bearers :wink: ) always seemed to do fine for me). I guess maybe I won’t ‘get round’ to giving it a try after all :slight_smile:

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Bay of the Hulks and Buccaneer bay and probably Dagon’s embrace. Lot of sunken ships around, you need a breathing potion (very easy to farm, lot of npcs and chests drop that), or kill beastmaster Teimos, he drops the underwater breathing mask and look around the ships, some of them have 2-3 chests only containing gold/silver.
And in the Unnamed city, the chests that are guarded by Relic hunter treasure seekers.

Oh, I see most of my suggestions were suggested before me.

TBH you can make the dives to the wrecks without potion or mask - but it is much tighter on timing and it really helps if you know where everything is so you don’t waste time. I’d certainly agree with the suggestions to use them for anyone that’s likely to need a little time to find the wrecks and then find the chests around them.

Incidentally - in case anyone’s not already aware - the wrecks out in the eastern waters are actually marked on the map, like tiny islands - if you look at Dagon’s Embrace (the harbor) you’ll see an example in there and should then be able to identify a few others out in the deeper water.

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I have a base on the southern shore of N5. There are at least three sunken chests containing silver and gold in the water there, as well as a couple of underwater brimstone nodes. So if you like swimming, it’s a good spot. As a bonus, there are plenty of gorillas and grey apes just to the north, for quick thrall training.

I tried the rocknose method and ended up with the same conclusion as the article linked by Ko6ka, as well as several rocknoses with inventories full of more rocknoses. (At least, if I ever get Purged in the wrong place, I can quickly deploy reinforcements…)

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There is only one deep ship wreck that if you dally about you will die. Other than that one, We have been getting those chests for two years, and never have run out of breath, except that one spot.

Its not to bad, Its 20mins at .5 and 40ish at 1.0

They re-eat stones they produce, and you get about 200-300 nuggets for stack of 1000 stones or so. (sometimes abit more) And about 500-700 iron.

The issue is mostly getting the 20% gold dust to trigger a gold nose, and wait out egg timers… (since it takes 30 gold dust + shade spice for 30% (or 25% I forget)

Nameless City atop alot of ruins and few chests along ground are loaded with gold and silver.
Many of them laughable safe to get to. (I do this before level 10…lol)

Several near Den, and up top (they have archers to shoot you down…)

If you can handle Boss, or don’t mind a thrall/pet keep argo. Kings Niche? I forget name. It had ruins (northside) with 3 skull boss and undead with 6 chest (7th is LI chest)

Buccnaer Bay is another nice spot as mention, Plently of chest around main pirate area.

I tried to get Goldveins - looks that they are WAY RARER than stated. A couple of Goldveins from 20 eggs, for example.

Actually there 2 deep spots with chests around one has 3 chests the other 2 chests but there both deep enough for you to drown

if you mine obsidian nodes in the volcano with a star metal pike you get gold nuggets here and there.
9 nuggets = 3 bars = 30 gold dust

I can only say that my friend @Barnes did this on an official server, with great success.
And what’s so bad about x1 production when it’s one ROCK for one GOLDstone

Ya, Even with Admin panel, I’d say Shadespice is 1 outta 9 will turn. Gold dust I get maybe 1 outta 15.
Once I got a Pen of 5 thou, Kinda just left it there at Oasis… and came back to almost stack of iron and half stack of gold ore.

I’ve had mine on my Main Character for… almost year now? plently of stacks.
What it took to get Gold Noses thou… Ugh. It pays off in long run.

Just the fact that although passive production, it’s such a slow process that returning your investment (you paid gold to get those rocknose eggs in the first place) can take hundreds of hours.

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