So I have gone from hero to thrall's squire with the pet system

Used to rough it out and fight in the old days. Now I am a walking weapons locker for my follower. I carry weapons for it to fight different bosses. I realized that I am a squire now so much for blood and glory, keep what you kill etc… now I dress up my thrall.- interesting.

Anyone else felling this?

Not sure if its good or bad yet.- kinda liking the min/max dress-up game.


And I like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never been good in battles but like building & looting.


Once we figure out which weapon works best, they stay with that one.
Entertainers get bonkers, thats all they are good for

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Different strokes for different folks. I’ll never understand why people eat lamb.

I don’t use Thralls when I’m out and about. I leave them back at my base to guard against the purge. I do take my horse and post it up on a rock when I know I’m going to be in the thick of things. I guess the same could be done with any follower. I just don’t have them with me to fight in the first place.

Because you never had good lamb, Aussies and Kiwis know lamb. Lambchops on the BBQ mmmmm…good.

Skyrim. Think about skyrim. The game has a combat with boring moves, spells and hp spongy enemies. Most quest are radiant or follow a generic pattern. The only memorable ones are from the main campaign and some daedra ones. Even then, follow some basic formats.

…And people love it Play the hell out of it. Because its easy.

Well yes, you can simply not take your follower. Except that the game is balanced around having gods on your side. Can you solo all the bosses? Probably.

Is the game balanced around fair fights solo and boss killing? hell no, they make their content considering these behemoths on your side. That’s the problem. You can go solo, but you are not the target, and don’t get enough love.

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You mean you farm in the unnamed city without a thrall, or you speak about your pvp fights?

Don’t think bad my friend only good. You are not the assist, you are the brains. Leave your thralls to fight without your guidance and they will probably die. Plus you never go where they go, you are the boss. And if you don’t want them anymore you can always fire them :wink:. Now about the dressing thing… , i am a fat white hair and beard guy, undressing and dressing my little dolls… Omg you are right, i am my daughter. Thank god my wife don’t know what i do in conan. :joy::joy::joy:


Conan exiles an awoke survival game that lets you come out of the closet with your cross dressing. :nerd_face:


I don’t know if there is a “aggro system” in Conan exiles like in MMORPG but if I fight bosses with my thrall I frequently get the boss to turn around and focus on me.
I use a very high strength build with a two handed sword, my Thrall is Janos with high strength and a two handed sword as well. He definitely can take much more hits than I can (he has 9k HP while I only have roughly 480) but it seems like I can keep up in damage since I know how to avoid getting staggered by the bosses and get more hits on them that way.

Though as I said, I don’t know if there is a “whoever does the most damage gets focused by the enemy” system in the game.

I find timing my attacks and taking a pause overcomes me breaking aggro from my thrall. I love stacking bleeds from behind. I don’t usually break it unless the thrall get bounced away or knocked down during an attack. It’s pretty easy to get the thrall to take aggro back by maneuvering the monster/mob back towards the thrall.

Not sure if its an aggro thing or damage thing myself as well.

Just a personal choice when playing the game.

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If you go solo, doesn’t that make you the only target?

As I said to stalagel, it’s a personal choice. I enjoy the game without a thrall.

i’m sorry, i didn’t mean literally the target in the fight, rather the target public that devs are aiming for. People who solo content, pvp players, Thrall users for PVE, and so on.

lol Gotcha. I see where you were going with that now.

Hmmm. So I have my Delincia using Ajas Bane because she wrecks everything with that weapon. Everything.

I participate as an archer. I load up status effects with arrows. Bleeds poison and cripples. She is doing most of the work.

Sometimes I sneak in with some daggers to live dangerously!!

CE does not have a “follower system”. What we’ve got is a system, allowing you to buff your damage to a ridiculous level - and that’s it. The only difference between Delincia and STR warpaint is in amount of damage you get. Imagine you could “boil” a cauldron 20 times in a row, adding 5 dragon powder each time and getting +100 to +200 STR warpaint in the end. Then you apply the warpaint to yourself and get a corresponding damage boost on 8 out of 10 attacks. That’s how “followers” work right now.

We don’t have a “follower” because follower is someone you can interact with - give them commands, change their behavior. Back in 2017 FUNCOM game designer talked about how they want CE combat system to resemble “Enhanced Skyrim”. Well, in 2020 CE “followers” can’t automatically clear the doorways to let us pass - something Skyrim followers have been doing since 2011 :sweat_smile:

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