[MP] Help with (missing?) attack pets

After visiting a few sites, I’ve noticed there are a dozen or more attack pets that I cannot find anywhere in the game. I Currently have the QL 76 pet. The next pet I can find in stores is QL 106. That’s a huge jump in skill requirements. According to the sites I have visited there should be several pets in between these two. I’ve tried rolling missions for hours and the only pets that come up are the same ones you can find in any store. Any help on how to locate these pets would be very much appreciated.


The MP pets have been streamlined a bit for the rebalance in 2015.

Have a closer look at the MP nano programs listed at https://aoitems.com/nano/prof/meta-physicist/
You can see a section on aoitems for “attack pets” and a section for “Attack Pet Summon”.
The attack pets are the old ones. The Attack Pet Summon are the new ones.

“New” in that case means they do scale in level according to your nanoskills when you try to cast them.
Click on one of those nanos and you’ll see a nice summary what level pet you actually get for what skills.

Scaling pets have made the old nanos redundant and a levelling MP/Agent now only needs to aquire seven different attackpets (until the SL demon) instead of fourty.

Yes, its handy.
No, Cratpets and Engipets did not get the same overhaul.