[MP] Update MPs setups as teammember


I would like to see next setups on MP in future:

  • Normal setup: How it is now. (Attack pet, mezz pet and heal pet) + own attacks
  • Healing setup: MP can cast 3x heal pets and no mezz or no attack pet. + own attacks
  • Attack setup: MP can cast 2x attack pets (Rihwe x2) and no mezz or no heal pets. + own attacks
  • “Survival” setup: MP can cast 3x mezz pets and no attack pet or heal pets. + own attacks

How this would be chosen. MP get 4 spells to chance setup. 2 min lockdown to use it. ( Return, heal, attack and survival)
Perks stay same. Rest buffs stay same. Items stay same.

  • Everqu

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Muhaha :slight_smile:

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Something different!! :slight_smile:


I actually like this idea as a rework of mp. They always felt like a ■■■■■■■ buff-support class with no real combat niche other than having it all and doing it all sub-optimally. Allowing them to focus on healing, dps or mezzing could bring more viability to their class.

but I think it could be implemented more gracefully than simply letting them use two or three of each pet, maybe allow secondary attack/heal/mezz pets, like how crats and engineers get secondary pets.