7 updates i would like to see in AO


I started AO 2005 and have seen how this game goes forward. :slight_smile:

Last years we have got some love from AO:

  • 2011 Gauntlet (201-220)

  • 2015 New Inferno missions

  • 2015 Some profession improvements

  • 2015 Arete (new starting 1-30 playfield)

  • 2016 The Reck (1-220 playfield)

  • 2016 Pyramid of Home, POH (205-220 dungeon)

  • 2016 ICC dailys - DIO, Alien Invasion, Civil PVP

  • 2020 New totw (201-220)

  • Steam

  • New Engine open beta

  • New forums and account pages

SO what next?

My personal list what i would like to see in AO:

  1. Profession quests
  1. 10 000 token board
  • LVL req 220
  • Some skills improvements
  • Side bonuses “on omni side warp in RK to Omni Trade, in SL to some Garden”
  1. Bounty Hunting Board
  • PVP fun
  • Like GMI
  • Players can make orders to hunt some players, org, tower fields,
  • There could be weekly quest for PVP.
  • When you make bounty there: Other players will check that list and get mission from it that last like 9h. Who return mission first will get reward. What can be money or items.
  1. New instance
  • I would like to see this “story continue” we have landed on Rubi-Ka etc…
  • Idea 1: in XAN there is some new map where is outposts, where is fighting: Omni, Clan, Aliens, Xan, … ?
  • Idea 2: some how linked to POH and its portals in Gate room: 220 can use those portals and 1 portal take players to some new instance.
  • Idea 3: story line that is linked to POH and XAN.
  • Idea 4: new dungeon like POH/subway/step of madness/…
  1. New engine open beta on finish it and get it working.
  1. I would like to see some professional wings in this game.
  • As MP i would like to see Notum Scourge wings.
  1. Tools more for 220
  • Last time we got CH from awakened set
  • Maybe next 3k deflect for 30s or 60s? From those wings? :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you like to see on next years?


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You cant update a game that no one plays.


That is good comment, but doesn’t answer what would you like to see in future.

I would love to hear that they did not forget AO.
I would love to see a bit of balance.
Atm in pvp we all know 1 prof is king with 2-3 falling behind, while rest are useless.

But I would love more of a PVM update honestly…because at 220 end game all want enfo/doc/crat/reflect (soldier or engy) and sometimes a keeper…
Honestly most of the professions cant hold a flicker of candle to any of those professions. You cant solo anywhere close as good as them, or wanted for end game raids as they are needed.
It is hard but I would love to see that.
Also lets not forget all the extra things that made it in game, (Hp aad evades nano skills etc) made some of the content really easy to solo…for example Mitar (some prof do it solo which was not intended from what I believe).
So yes we do need new content at 220 that actually requires some teams (pls no easy mode stack auras and abuse MB content) but something that would require different professions who know their tool sets and have to be active doing stuff.
Like a crat doing mezzes in a corner and using his dodge the bullet at a certain time, in another corner a MA abusing his chain stun perks and ma special attacks to hold a big boss stunned for a few precious seconds, a trader draining hard the boss while a soldier is ams tanking another…you get the idea.

But all this are just dreams if we dont get any kind of confirmation they will at least think about investing some time to develop/fix some stuff, because it has been years since new changes.

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My personal 7 updates i would like to see are:

  • 200 froob 6 man ini with weapons like CoH-Ones for all Professions
  • Agent Balance: Self-Buffs/ Pets (like Reflect-Ripper) only in active mimic
  • Make Endcontent harder: db2 Mixer etc.
  • Hollow Island rework as ini for tlvl5+ 6-12 man-team
  • Use of all Playfields on Rk (Quests to get Xp or Stuff like Nanocrystals, so dont have to blitz all that sh** only get it in gameplay)
  • Rework Placeholder-System on Rk: 100%-chance of respawn after 5 Minutes and 50/50 Chance of Boss-spawn. After Boss-Kill 1h respawn for Placeholder.

Don’t know if I can get to 7 but (in no particular order) :

  1. Open SL/AI to froobs
  2. Somewhat better endgame weapons for froob soldier.
  4. Fix the Steam overlay.
  5. Make grenade launcher engy/soldier viable. Could probably do that with just a couple three special attack nanos.
  6. A new skin or 7 for the engineer’s endgame bots. (the chicken-bot doesn’t work for me)
  7. Some official quality-of-life add-ons like click saver, a damage dumper, implant & skill planners.
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While talk of pet skins are high, homage to sci-fi films:

A Rihwen Xenomorph (Alien)
A Widowmaker Sentinel (The Matrix)
A Carlo Arnold (The Terminator)

  1. New terminal slider selection for RK missions ; new modules, themes, textures, traps types etc.
  2. Symbiant shops in SL gardens and sanctuaries (slightly inferior no-drop versions from those farmed from bosses)
  3. New outposts and flavor quests for things not directly tied to epeen.
  4. New or improved tradeskill items - especially HUD and utility slots.
  5. Environmental effects in zones with negative consequences and some bonuses.
  6. Exits at the end of dungeons to reduce player trains.
  1. UPDATE the sound effects-- ranged weapons especially.

  2. AI city raids-- Mechs as useful and APT & AVT’s added as emplacements to the CT.

  3. and now for something really ambitious-- The Aliens as a playable race. (Yeah, total Blue Sky but man, that would really bring back old & acquire new players)

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a big change I would like to see is a rework to healdelta. Its a useless stat until you are nearing the endgame and can manage a 2 second HD tick in your build. I would like to see it become a more notable stat for all level ranges.

I would also like to see the player owned cities alive again, and rework/roll back the gmi so that player owned shops are a thing again - where you had to get the coordinates and seek out the shops to find what you wanted. it added another level of gameplay and immersion to AO which has been lost since the server merge.

I also think something could be done to add more variety to the RK missions, such as random encounters or puzzles to solve within generated missions. I wouldn’t want to break blitzing as we know it, but I’d like to see something that engages players beyond clearing out all of the mobs and completing the mission objective for every single rk mission. The same goes for the alien and LE missions, something could be done to make them more dynamic and engaging, ie time trials for bonus rewards, making use of special tools when necessary (other than the lockpick), or even something like a minesweeper-esque puzzle every once in a while to disable traps or sentries.

as an added thought, rather than revamping rk missions, FC could make “elite rk missions” which would be designed to be impossible to blitz, but give much greater rewards balanced for the current game economy, with valuable rewards that are useful for leveling players, unlike 90% of randomly generated rewards from current rk missions (25k credits plus a right arm implant with swimming, full auto, and fast attack is not useful for anyone).

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  1. Make it so froobs can be president in orgs again. Remember how fun it was on the noob island when you made a small org that did things together? Sure it was shortlived but it was fun, I miss that. Not to mention all the orgs you made for roleplay.
  2. No more improved stats tokenboards/equipment/armour this or that. Most endgame proffessions can already solo most of the game. Just stop it. Next you get the complaints that X,Y are too easy and we have and endless carousel
  3. Fix bugs that are known. there was a huge thread in the old forum with known bugs. Fix them
  4. Fix the new cient
  5. Bring back LTC’s. They where fun to interact with
  6. Customer support. You cant expect people to pay for a game if their account is frozen because no one reads the messages.
  7. Bring back the conflict between clans and Omni, instead of this “lets all be friends” garbage that we have in the latest storyline.
  • Fix bugs that are known. there was a huge thread in the old forum with known bugs. Fix them
  • Fix the new cient
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  1. remove corrupt “admins” … who, at the request or cry of their colleagues, give out “bans”
  2. replace or retrain the service, service (support) in “Anarchy” … one has to wait a long time for an answer, but generally these answers are not received from the support. Visible ignorance on the part of the support.
  1. Remove in combat team warps and in combat team meeps when pvp flagged
  2. Remove or drastically nerf beast CH
    -if you do not intend to remove, increase cooldown to 5 minutes and make self only.
  3. Reduce engi NSD to -30% just like trader reflect ripper and also remove the fp tag so agents cannot use NSD at all
  4. Rework roots/snares in PvP scenarios. Even with FM spamming on yourself u can be rooted/snared for like 15-30 seconds which is just insane when it comes to pvp. They need major reduction in duration for pvp tags
  5. New end game content like totw and subway instance. I want armor that replaces or competes with awakened beast armor
  6. Instanced battle stations similar to battlegrounds in wow. So each side has even number of players to encourage fair pvp and not mass zerging
  7. This is a major major long shot, redo tl5 and higher pvp levels so you cannot have tl6 and tl7 players attack tl5. anything over 200 should not be allowed to hit below 200. Keep ranges as is just adjust everyting 201+

(In no particular order, And yeah i know AO is officially in maintenance mode, but one can dream right).

  1. I’d like to either have a global credit squish of like 75% OR raised credit cap on both toons and GMI.

  2. Progress to the story line. Considdering AO is based of the idea of Dune, there is lots of ways to progress the story. Both on Rubi-Ka and the Xan story.

  3. Keep the dungeon improvements coming such as ToTW 201+ and soon Subway 201+. There’s lots more to bring that could be very interresting.

  4. More Pet skins, customization (No extra stats, just looks). They could be bought from the store for some extra income for FC, aswell as collected through rare drops, raids, events like halloween etc.

  5. Bug fixes.

  6. Block Beast armor CH from working when flagged or when in BS.

  7. More midrange stuff for lvl 150s and below.