Add daily mission to ICC

Hey to you all and a happy new year, may AO continue for many more to come.

Would it be totally impossible to ask for a simple addition to the game. Since the new client always crashes for me in Rome, could we just add the daily mission npc’s to ICC aswell?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good Idea!

I rarely use the Omni Mission agency since it’s 2 zones to get to it even though my first 220 was Omni (just converted him to neut when our org city disappeared).

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Some of the missions are sided, so maybe Omni-1 Trade would be better? That’s conveniently reached by a ground-floor grid exit and by whompa from ICC. :blush:

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On a side note, disable water animation under “effects” and try entering Rome Red.
This does seem to be working as a “fix”
Also posting this again for the new engine general stability.


Yeah I even started using the new engine to try this fix and so far so good :open_mouth:

EDIT: the new engine still crashes for me occasionally, although I think turning off liquids animations does improve stability. It’s a bit hard to compare since I can’t easily reproduce crashes.

Thanks Caloss, gonna try it out shortly :slight_smile:

ICC again and again …

If the idea to solve/help people using the new engine is understandable, why again ICC ?

There’s plenty of cities around, Omni Ent, Omni Trade, Tir, Athen, or even smaller one.
We’r talking with friends about that and ICC is like a camping (horrible feeling tbh), everybody at the same place no more travel no more walking no more life but ICC /stackpeople mode on!

I bet there’s a lot of people who love stacking on each others (bleh), to show off their new social etc… but please no more stuff in ICC, it’s already too much.

Rubika is beautiful Funcom, lot of place to bring life in and as a Mmo we of course need and love to do stuff with others that’s the main point, but forcing us to go every single day at the same place = :’(

Again it’s important to find a solution for the crashS in Rome.

Make Rubi Ka great again !! no need bigApple

ICC exists because the population could drop too low to sustain regular groupings for each side.

Fortunately, we aren’t at that point yet, but especially for new players, having a central location is an advantage, for finding shops and buffs.

RK does indeed have many fascinating areas, but they are pretty rarely used. Every MMO has many deserted cities and one or few regularly populated ones.

Why not add Daily mission terminals to every major settlement on RK, similar to the old mission terminals, where you can pull and return daily missions.