Suggestion: get rid of icc daily off-weeks

i’ve noticed, that whenever the icc dailies are up, the player activiy goes through the roof. and off weeks just feel dead by comparison.

how about instead of a week on a week off, just rotate the type of dailies it offers each week, ai - pvp - dio. maybe even add a new type for a 4th week or something?

just a thought.


Good idea.


Please make it happen

I agree to that. And i would like to add, that the PvP-Missions (i guess the Arbiter has sometimes one and the Barkeeper the daily mission) could be abolished at all. They do not help to fill the Battlestations with life, they only add Afk-Sitting Players or even worse they add Multilogging and stuff.

In my Opinion it would make more sense, to create some new PvM or whatever else oriented Missions. For example you could build some new Missions around that Area with those Rogue Notum Miners and create some ways for Players to gain (good amounts of) Victory Points in that way.

With the current Situation both groups won’t have much fun. The one while they have to sit again in the Battlestation and have be shot while they don’t want and the other Group because they don’t get any fight. For example, if you join the BS and want to fight actually, and have 3 AFK-Players in your team, you cannot fight against a full Team of Opponents and i don’t think the other Team has fun this way.

But that is just my impression.

At least it gets BS to run which is great GP reward. Only fast way to get enough to buy ofab armor/nanos

The thing is there aren’t enough paid characters to run BS and froobs have no chance in a fair fight so none actually does PvP in there. Only way to get more tl6- pvp is to get froobs access to SL as suggested in other topics.

I 100% agree and endorse this suggestion. Please make it happen?

BUMP! (this week was AWOL!)

Looks like you got your wish. There are no more off weeks, because the Arbiter doesn’t even show up anymore. What is going on, Funcom?