Suggest a SINGLE BUG FIX in time for our next ANNIVERSARY in June

Is there a bug that makes you rage quit vowing never to darken AO’s doors again? I know, so hard to choose but JUST ONE!

Camera repositioning on zone! Auughh!!

Yeah, that’s a good one!

For me, the new client crashing-- even with Caloss’s tweaks a few a day is too annoying. Maybe just solve the Rome Red one?

yea and several other destinations which are crashing often. the beta client is way better and i can’t stand the old client anymore. plz fix

Area change not initiated on server. You may retreat or try crossing again.

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Finally my account is past its suspension period so I thought I would put in my 50cents.

  • Fix warps from RK to Shadowlands not to work. Its an exploit.

Here is an overview for you to get an idea of “whos there to fix it?”

Let this broken game die.

Not really a bug fix, but updating the GUI for more scalability, font size stuff like that.

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ok I got one, you know how if you die while rotating your character with arrow keys or wasd your character will keep spinning until you zone and respawn. This bugs me for some reason

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Gotta agree that the new client crashing when zoning into Rome Red is annoying.
Also it is by far the most common crash I have experienced, happens at least a few times a day with multiple characters.
Seeing as that is the main entrypoint to get to Rome Blue for the Omni daily missions, it does have a rather large impact on gameplay for a lot of people I gather.

My vote is for that one.

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