Official server 1060 back to crashing 10 times + a day

A few new players joined the server today. From 20/40 to 40/40 in an evning. Which is nice!

Same night it crashes over and over and over again.And soon it’s gonna be dead like 1122 and the others.

@Community with @Hugo and the staff. Why on earh do you not hotfix this?! You left it unfixed for 4 weeks now, fully aware of this game breaking bug - both gamewise and serverwise.

We really don’t need more DLC’s and dungeon content for the new map right now. We need the game to function. This is a game-breaking bug in the original meaning of the word.

Where’s the official statement and where is the hotfix? It beeing (probably) fixed on testlive with all the other stuff we don’t need right now, doesen’t help us much.


Chill bro and drop the game for good until they fix it like i did.
Right now you will only find frustration and anger - Fixes ain’t gonna happen very soon.
I fought for 2 months with exploiters, cheaters, hackers and the war is lost, i gave up.



I don’t know how the playerbase can view this as anything less than a slap in the face. but hey, “KEEP REPORTING GUYS LOL WE SWEAR WE READ THEM.”


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