Official Server 1800 Crashing 20+ Times a Day

Online Official Server 1800
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I’ve been reading the forums and this seems to be a common issue on Official Servers. There are exploiters lagging and crashing the Official Servers for hours everyday. This makes the game unplayable.

[quote=“Jengster, post:1, topic:151279”]
We really don’t need more DLC’s and dungeon content for the new map right now. We need the game to function. This is a game-breaking bug in the original meaning of the word.
[/quote] <- This includes new devkits. All this money goes to waste elsewhere while everyone leaves the game. Spend your money on fixing the issue.

Server 1800 is crashing multiple times an hour and is unplayable when online because of the lag. This exploiting has caused everyone to leave the server, it’s pretty much only our clan and the exploiter’s clan. Everyone quit the server, except a Chinese Clan who is crashing 1800. We can’t defend against raids because they just crash the server and continue attacking when can’t join the server because of the maximum allowed ping. Anytime a player from outside of their clan logs on they crash the server, which makes doing anything impossible.

I have proof but I can’t post screenshots since my account is new.

The offending players account names are:
king♠ -tulang#45080


inb4 thread gets deleted by funcom like the others.

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Official Server 1800 has been completely down and not on the server list for over an hour =[

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care to elaborate?


did this guy just claim it?

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Maybe they are exploiters that are proud of it, what a bunch of idiots in that case.

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