Official server #1060 PvP constantly crashing

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

There’s been increasing issue with cheaters in the last few days, to the point that it’s currently unplayable since the server’s literally been crashing non stop all evening.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log into server
  2. Repeat step 1 until server is back up
  3. Wait a couple minutes
  4. Get disconnected

Yep, its completely unplayable. Been changing servers many times now and it happens everywhere from time to time.

Having the same issue on 1540 (America). From what I have gathered from others, there is a known exploit that causes the server to restart. This has enabled both duping and stat maxing. It would be nice if we could get a hotfix that includes the fixes for this exploit. We needed it days ago.

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people bug abusing to MAX STATS, yes its still working, people said on youtube recently (23/nov/2020) thats still working,

to make the bug they have to crash the servers,

its common to people confuse it with duplication of items,
i made posts here about it but the staff hide it instead of solving the problem,
they said the problem was solved at may/2019 but seems that ISNT !!

also they’ll probably hide this post too,
just wait for it jajajajajajjajajajaja

lets laugh to not cry !!!

i cant do any pvp anymore because i never know if the person is full bugged build or what !!!

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That’s why i stopped playing this garbage. No way im comming back to any server.
I have one full 50 stats character on one official server to monitor if they fixed it / reseted stats or not.

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The issue does appear to be widespread. Every populated PvP server is dealing with this right now :frowning:.


Yep, populated servers then turn into empty or 10/40 max (only cheaters left)
Funny thing that this 50 STAT exploit is there since release.

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This has been abused for 4 weeks and Funcom has known about it for atleast 2 weeks. Any other decent company would have hotfixed this the same evning word got out. We now have a game breaking bug (50 in all stats) that even lets players crash a server at their own choosing. And they just let it be.

But by all means. Pump out that DLC content Funcom! All the stuff we diden’t ask for. Nevermind the game breaking bugs.

Funcom never ceases to amaze.

(And yeah. This killed server 1122 too which was fully populated)


the company should gather all her efforts to solve this

@Ignasi @Hugo



this bug-crashing and the undermeshing (yep its still there) in 1060 is killing the server


it will never get fixed that fast if ever, I informed them directly and they acknowledged a massive item dupe exploit as the result of a terrible copy and paste of table edits (Armoured pen t3 was copied and use as the basis of stables so you got the t3 resources when you dismantled) it still took them about a month I recall to fix it, knowing from day one the problem, with the easiest fix a table edit is 1 minutes work.

a modder would have fixed this kind of issue within 10 minutes of a report, I don’t know why emergency game breaking issues with extremely easy fixes take so long to get done.


Exactly, that kind of exploits / bugs should be fixed right away. Who the fk is managing that team of coders?


Server #1800 also totally unplayable. Ping spikes to 9999 and everyone crashes.


Well, 1060 is dead now. I gave up looking for a playable official server and rented my own 40 slot server instead, which you are all welcome to join. It’s called Unnamed Kingdom vanilla PvP and will be actively moderated to keep the exploiters out.


1122 dead too. By the looks of it, most officials are dead now.



yes it still works at some points…

i confirm undermesh at 6B next to sepermeru at server 1996 also,

guild “†††”

i reported to the staff, lets see what happens…

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makes no sense all their efforts on the DLC’s and map expansion and not taking really care of the game,

its like “lets just sell and sell things, after we sell it, F### it…”

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How is there no official dev thread about such a major widespread issue?


I just want one place where i can set a notification for when there is a fix. Instead i have to check back and read a bunch of threads every day hoping for news and wasting my time.


Nothing will happen my friend. I made several video’s and screenshots from undermeshers at the frozen like whats it called and speed hacking, flying people. Only response I got is: Thanks for your report, we send it to the investigating team… Let me tell you 2 weeks after the SAME cheaters, exploiters and undermesher are still there…