Official Server 1800 down again - reoccuring problem

Not possible to login to 1800 for the last hour. Shows as online but no.

Battlemetrics confirms this showing no login or outs.

The worst part is this is reoccurring a few times each day over the last 3.

Yes, I have reported this using the report tool.

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Also, does anyone know if players using 3rd party programs/hacks can cause this? Should Funcom (hey @Spynosaur_Nicole @Ignasis ) be having a look?

We do have some players on the server who are believed to be well-known hackers.

I know certain bugs have in the past caused servers to go down. Is that still a thing? Even people exploiting that although I doubt it since its happened today during a very quiet period.

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Related Bug…

Every time this type of server outage happens, most crafting stations/wheel of pain, don’t resume. The Event Log shows that the server restarted, but it does not show that it shutdown like the daily reset, which might be the difference.

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Status Update:
The server restarted and was accessible about 30mins ago. Now its died again. Same thing.

Also, a player I suspect as a likely hack user was online.

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I’m also on said server and notice that there is a correlation with this server going down and this specific person with clan tag (server killer) being on. He was on a minute ago then he logged off then logged on again- seconds later server crashes. (ddos?)
This server was growing large in the past week or so, and was full actually yesterday.

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I’m speaking as an Exploit Hunter here, but if you can gather any specifics about where this person is during the outages, I could use this to help narrow down some locations I’m tracking. Thanks for your patience and reporting. As usual, I’m being intentionally vague about details, as I hope you will too. :smiley:

I’ve left that server. I give up on Officials I think. Not worth dealing with cheaters anymore. I’ve found a good private server to play on.

I have no idea on location. Likely under the mesh.

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Wish I could help you there. But I have not been able to even join the server all day as its been apparently down. If they did indeed have anything to do with the server’s state, they are server killers.

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Just want to also say that every time I checked to see if the server in G-portal is on, it says that its running and that there are players on, but whenever me or my clan mates try and get on it wont connect. Interesting

Same thing here. 1502 has been showing the exact same number of people on BattleMetrics since it hung 6 hours ago. You think they’d have a monitoring tool to detect such anomalies.

Hey everyone,

We are currently investigating what could be causing this spike in server instability. Any extra information you could have about this issue would be greatly appreciated. If you suspect it is an exploit and you have evidence of it, please report it via our tool
You can also DM me with any details or specifics if you don’t feel comfortable doing it in a public thread.

Thank you everybody for your feedback and patience, and happy new year!

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