Good Job FC with Age of Buggs

I login evry day on server 1027 , to check if FC have done some bugg fixes. but sadly no.
After 5 min in base i will sink under floor and stuck. It have been like this for 8 weeks now, Comon FC dont you want players , we DO NOT WANT NEW BUGGY CONTENT. WE WANT A GAME THAT ARE PLAYABLE


That’s their new plan. Major updates every 6 months instead of 3 with more patches sprinkled in between.

It might actually give them some breathing room if they don’t have to come up with some gimmick to appeal to the masses every 3 months, but time will tell.

Don’t worry, the black hands in Siptah are buggy, to enslave them after the patch, they know it, and they have gone on vacation.

Aaaaand here we start. Happy summer!

You don’t have to worry about that. According to their marketing department, what people really want are Golems, Fatalities and other stuff that makes the game heavier and heavier without adding anything !

Rest assured, they’re working for us. NOT on bugs, but for us.

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