Siptah Bug **ON PC** not just Xbox

Understandable for an indie developer to make mistakes in the code when attempting major changes like sharing game mechanics with elements that are completely foreign to each other… Oh wait, FC isn’t an Indie Developer…
I’ve seen over here on this PC Bug Report that someone made a post about how they’re unable to do anything, bug report was made on a PC Thread, and instead of investigating the issue, it was only a concern whether or not it was on PC or Console, later after NOT the OP said they’re on Xbox (yes, someone else said they were on Xbox) the thread was merged with an Xbox thread with the additional response of “Try to keep it where it belongs”

Excuse me, but where exactly does this issue belong? Under the rug? Just looks to me like for the last several months it’s being swept under the rug! Googling for the issue has posts as far back as 2021 popping up with the same descriptions. SERIOUSLY?! How old is this issue? I had once thought highly of FC, my mistake. Should have known better when Thralls i had been searching for over a year just NEVER spawned, and when I did get a Thrall i liked, finally knock it out and “oh no, it slipped through the floor.” I’ve even been killed by resource nodes slamming me into walls after hitting them, and they do that stupid size change. Like, yes, I was hit, I just increased in size by 10%, this is my only defense against unruly prospectors expecting me to function as intended.

Issues on both maps not just Siptah, FPS, seems FC can’t afford hardware stronger than a GTX 1030 so they never see anything over 60FPS. There’s stronger hardware than Laptops guys, and back then it was far cheaper too, but look, if you honestly make the effort to fix it (the game), you can use MY PC, I’m not even joking.

For as old as the game is, there’s no excuse for its’ current state, especially considering the engine it’s using. UE4 is pretty private proof, perhaps its the dated Nvidia SDK from 2018 y’all bought to make it with, just another win for team red I guess. Imagine if the Engine and SDK’s were updated and the issue STILL persists…

The issue in the bug report you linked (which, by the way, was not written in a bug report format, which is why Funcom needed to ask for the details they asked - the OP didn’t provide any useful information) is scheduled to be fixed with the AoW Chapter 2 launch.

Also, for better understanding on what sort of companies can make mistakes in their programming, I suggest taking a look at some AAA game companies and how perfect their products have been… or some megacorporations such as, you know, Microsoft. In other words, whenever there is code, there are bugs.

That’s fine and dandy, don’t care about Siptah anymore. Not after learning how FC has basically shelved the map since it’s launch and decided to dedicate more effort on the Exiled Lands, which there is practically nothing to show for it.

Claiming Microsoft in an example of bugs is by far a reach. If you have so many issues with your OS then i suggest you look at the stability of your hardware. Remember CP77? I was able to play and stream it day one just fine while everyone cried about it being a broken steaming mess. CDPR “fixes it” and now it doesn’t work for me anymore at all. The difference between building a stable system vs whatever you cobble together from parts lists makes the difference between being able to run something great vs barely at all.

That being said, if FC had computers that were capable of pushing more than 60fps they’d know about the drifting bug and have fixed it long ago, but since they’re still using McDonalds DriveThru Menu Machines, we will never get that fix as it’s been there forever and forcing V-Sync is by far the most taxing thing you can do to a system, let alone capping the frame rates. It’s not rocket science, it’s called work, it’s the thing you do because you made a promise in exchange for money.

My offer still stands though, should they actually wish to fix these issues, I will gladly let them use my PC to do it with just so they know what it’s like to have more than 60fps.

Is this the bug your referring to - Southwest Siptah crash?

“Haven’t been able to log in all day because of something in the Southwest area of siptah causing the game to crash. My clan and I are now unable to defend during raid time on the official server.”

these people at FC are really trying to force everyone to stop playing CE. Now you have to log in daily or lose all your thralls… IDK if it’s even worth it anymore honestly, the game is a buggy mess at best, my friend from the EU has better ping on US servers and I have better ping than he does to EU servers, AND HE’S IN THE SAME TIME ZONE AS THE SERVER…

But this is outrageous, DAILY thrall decay? Someone at FC basically just doesn’t want a player base on CE anymore. Half my Official server is tearing down their bases and giving the resources to the veteran players who’ve been there forever, and quitting… My clan and I may end up doing the same, this server is going to become a ghost server with just a few players.

I somehow doubt that Microsoft releases monthly Windows Updates because of my hardware.

assuming they cater to only you would be selfish, but when everyone is running hardware literally thrown together with little to no effort towards researching what works best or is verified to work with each other, then they start making bug fixes for the bugs that arise from such things. Sure you can get DDR5-342576191 but if your Motherboard and CPU combo only support up to DDR5-342576190 then guess what’s gonna start happening.

Most Windows Updates these days aren’t related to hardware, anyway.

The thing is, we accept Windows Updates meekly, without questioning. Most people don’t even know or understand what the updates are for. And those who do give microsoft feedback tend to be IT or cyber security professionals, which shows in the quality of their feedback.

Imagine if an average Conan Exiles player started sending feedback to Microsoft:

“Another six patches to critical security vulnerabilities this month. Last month it was 11, and every month before that a similar number. Can’t you f*****g get it right the first time? These vulnerabilities have been there since 2016 and you still haven’t fixed them all! Billions of people every day depend on your shit for work, entertainment, banking, etc. You guys have all the money in the world, so just hire more people to fix your OS. Oh, and fire all those incompetent programmers who left those vulnerabilities in the code in the first place, as well as everyone who hasn’t managed to fix them yet. You obviously just don’t care about your customers, you only care about profits!”

I mean, as feedback goes, that’s no more unreasonable than demanding Funcom to wave a magic wand and fix their game. Microsoft really does have as much money as they could possibly want to work on their security, and they’re also spending enormous amounts of resources to improve cybersecurity world-wide. (For further reading, check out Microsoft’s annual Digital Defense Reports.)

And still they can’t fix everything at once. No-one can.

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that’s a very novice view on “vulnerabilities” which are actually hardware based.

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