Many of the key elements of this latest patch aren't in the game

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been pretty vocal in my disdain for FC’s treatment of the console (specifically XB1) version of the game. And again, I’m not asking you PC folks to care about console issues.
I’m just asking that you not downvote it simply because it doesn’t apply to you. Just ignore it and move on.

After reading the patch notes yesterday, I was actually pretty optimistic. It didn’t include many of the glaring issues, but it addressed some that were pretty important, and at least it would put us equal with PC. But then the patch hit, and I realized that many of the bugs listed as fixed were still broken.

I don’t believe FC lied to us, I just believe they’re incompetent. Here’s their twitter manager telling me display racks are fixed when they actually aren’t: [apparently I can’t include links in these posts??]. They have no clue what will or won’t work with their console patches because they don’t have a console test server. They don’t playtest the console updates before they push them live. WE do that. The players who paid for the game playtest their content. Their only response to this patch has been we’re collecting feedback: [Check their twitter feed]. They’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re literally asking us to beta test their patches and give them feedback AFTER they push them live.

They thought they fixed the “infinite stamina” glitch, but they didn’t. They thought they fixed the health regen bug, but they didn’t. They thought they fixed warpaint, but they didn’t.

Whatever, the one thing that seems to be working is thrall healing, so I figured I’d play around with that. I set up two fighters and two archers and pulled some mobs into them. They didn’t move. I tinkered with how I equipped their weapons a bit and pulled another rocknose. The fighters attacked, the archers started slow-walking off their catwalk without their bows drawn. I pulled the rocknose king. One fighter didn’t move. The other fighter ran at him with his fists out then slowly started circling him. The archers managed to somehow glitch through 3 doors and tried to get in punching range.

That didn’t work.

I grabbed Daicas the Sharp, a named fighter from the volcano. The guy’s a beast–3000 health. I crafted him a set of flawless epic heavy armor, gave him a legendary 2h sword, and set him to follow. After much tinkering, I was actually able to get him to attack with his sword consistently. Although, he couldn’t find the hitbox on anything larger than a rocknose. He would just slowly strafe in circles around it while it beat the crap out of me. But whatever, at least I had him fighting. So I went back to base and was messing with chests, and when I turned around he was gone. I looked everywhere. Finally, I looked in the event log: “Invalid thrall placement”. He was on follow. And he fell through the floor and died. I went into my basement and sure enough there he was. At least I got my legendary sword back. What I didn’t get back were the HOURS that I spent farming for that named fighter in the volcano. Thanks, FC.

This game is a complete mess right now on XB1.

Now this may come as a HUGE surprise to you, but this patch also introduced a game-breaking issue to consoles. Players are now able to build around obelisks and many other formerly-no-build-zones. On PvE, PvE-C, and PvP servers, players can completely box in obelisks. So, people can unwittingly teleport into a sealed structure and have literally zero way of getting out when building damage is disabled. Official console servers are going to absolutely die out when this becomes prevalent.

Add this to the fact that on console, players could already build inside the Well of Skellos and completely wall off the boss AND the obsidian forge, and you’ve got multiple, KEY game elements that can be completely shut down by one clan…hell…one PERSON.

Lastly, and as many have already said…this is just gameplay elements and systems that are completely broken. This is not even mentioning the constant crashing and framerate issues.

This is the same trend I learned about FC from early access. They are simply incompetent when it comes to porting and optimizing on console. This game works just well enough on XB1 that it’s able to keep its head above water and stay on the marketplace, but it is hardly worth the price tag. I bought the game on day 1 of early access, and shelved it after about a month. I figured I’d wait until release to try again. Well, here we are…and it’s literally just more of the same.

This game is unfinished and many key features and elements are a complete mess. And if this is their attempt at fixing it, I just really don’t foresee it being in a good state any time in the near future.

Maybe I’ll give it another year and check back…if Microsoft hasn’t pulled it off the marketplace by then.

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Don’t worry mate patch fixes for PC also don’t work. We still get tripple spawns etc.

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