NOT happy with new UI, Xbox users left out..Rant

When I PAID for this game, I hnew it was mainly a PC designed game, but after a few hours of gameplay, I grew acostumed to the controls that CLEARLY was designed for keyboard & mouse.
Now, with the new update, FC just ruined what more or less was working controller wise, and the new Xbox interface is just awful,but that’s not the only issue:
Why all my thralls assigned to stations have dissapeared?
Why Npc that I left in specific places are following me around?, (at a point had 3 dancers blocking the entrance out my bedroom, forcing me to kill them in order to get out).
Why after building my house and clearing the area, now there’s 2 shalebacks nests right in front of my front door with their big daddys?,(they were never there before).
Why after quitting build mode, my avatar is in a perpetual fighting stance?
Why melee combat is no longer available in 1sr person view and archery stance was changed?.
Why Ican’t no longer make fighter thralls equip their weapons and shield?
Why partial nudity is now an issue?
All this questions (and more btw), are making an enjoyable game a pain in the neck for console users, sadly I feel less inclined now to enjoy a session, but like I said, I already paid for it.

I’m on xbox also. I didn’t have any shalebacks in front of my house, but right in front of my house I found some really big boulders covering my crafting stations. I had to break them up just to craft.

A lot of things in your rant sound like bugs and should be added to bug reports if someone hasn’t yet.
A lot of bugs can emerge in survival games when an old world gets a big update, hopefully the devs can smooth things out going forward. I’ll probably start a new map after the first patches after launch.
Patch notes said they changed/added npc placement, so the shalebacks at your front door is unfortunate but not a bug.
Combat is set to 3rd person by default because that’s how they designed it. I believe you change that in the settings