Cumbersome controls on xbox

So i’ve just booted up again after being away from the game for a few months and while the game defintely seems more stable, in terms of the controls and UI, it feels like a step backwards.

I decided to start a new char in single player just to see what was new about the game, first issue i ran into was i could only see 4 voices during character creation and couldnt scroll down to the rest, but thats not really what im posting about. My biggest issues are with the controls, first off i hate that there’s now no draw/sheath weapon button. Its a pain to open the wheel to select your weapon again to put it away, even more so to get it out in a pinch when surprised by an enemy. Just map it back to Y and put sneak on holding down B, press B to roll, hold to sneak that should be easy enough.

Secondly i died of starvation trying to light the damn campfire as i couldnt select the button up top to light the fire like before, it took me a while to notice the LT prompt down the bottom left, this isnt even explained in the wee graphic to the right, that still says to use the button up top which can no longer be selected, sort it out please.

Next is how you go into an unarmed combat stance when you have placed your last building item, this is annoying in and of itself but combined with the daft opening wheel to arm/disarm just to get out of the combat stance, it really starts to feel like a drag.

Also it seems to me hit detection on mining stone is severely decreased. My hit rate was like a new char in Morrowind, it was ridiculous.

Every new item appearing in the wheel straight away, not a fan. I could do without raw meat and human flesh in my wheel thanks.

I know it seems like im ragging a lot on the game and i apologise if it comes off like that. I really love Conan Exiles, i do. But the controls just feel counter intuitive and i didnt enjoy playing it tonight like i always have before. It just felt cumbersome. I preferred the controls the way they were before.

If these issues can be sorted I’ll be right back into it, the combat is a lot better and im looking forward to crafting the new items and gear.

Thanks for continuing work on CE


I really do not think you came across as ragging.

I support this even though I play CE on PC, not my Xbox. But I always support getting the most intuitive controls for any format/system and from what you’ve detailed here, it definitely seems as though it needs some work.


All these problems still exist. I’m seriously regretting getting this on Xbox, and am contemplating returning my copy via Amazon. I don’t know if it’s just a crappy porting issue or what.