Gameplay Issues (early game)

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: USA

So I haven’t played in a while, but I’m not too thrilled with the revamped controls on the controller. They still feel wrong, amongst other things.

  1. Why does placing the last buildable put you into combat mode? That is… Absurd honestly, it shouldnt roll from placing to fighting.

  2. Adding to that: why does Y in build mode still make you crouch? It’s not helpful and makes it harder to tilt and place things correctly because suddenly my perspective has changed?

  3. For that matter, why is Y crouch at all? It’s a waste to have that button dedicated to crouch. I preferred it as the sheath/unsheathe option. Crouch should be a hold B or click R3.

  4. Why in the hell are we still having new items go directly to the radial menu? I have issues with the radial menu in general, but holy crap having things default there is just maddening.

There are some other minor issues, like the instructional text in the bottom corners being stupid huge and the Journal text super tiny. Also the inability to choose to hide those aspects of the HUD is weird.

Game is still fun, I just think these changes should be made to make it better.


Same problem here. My character just died again, I couldn’t find a way to transfer fresh meat from the radial menu to the inventory.
I can’t find any table or controller mapping or any efficient information as how to do things on Xbox one Conan exile, on any internet site.
Last but not least, give a try to this : write the same text as I did with an xbox, on this forum, quite a challenge.

The only way to do it I think is to just replace the item on the radial with something else and that sends it to your inventory. I hate that you have to put some items on the radial to use them. I should just be able to select building material from inventory if I want.

I believe you can remove items from the radial by using a storage container. Highlight an empty slot in the container, bring up the radial menu and press A on the item you want to put away.