Weather, construction options, mobs and aggro

First of all, the game is beautiful, combat is challenging, very immersive, there is a lot of interaction with the environment and exploring to do. I am really looking forward to the final release.

I have noticed a few issues. On the x-box version, the weather is also inside the house. I play on a PC platform. While it does not rain or snow inside my house, the floor shows as wet and my clothes is wet when my character is inside the house.
The aggro range of hostile mobs is very large. It is impossible to sneak around and avoid anything. I think the amount of wolves and hyenas should be lessened. And the aggro range should be reduced.
Also, there should be a window option for the construction. Instead of building two separate types of walls - solid walls and walls with windows, windows should be separate so it’s easier to take them out, instead of demolishing a whole wall. There are also no window shutters available.

** EDIT*

An arrow in hand bug.
The bow bug that does not shoot arrows when I have a bow and arrows equipped.
I don’t know if it’s intentional, but creatures just stand around when I jump on a rock letting me kill them with a bow. That should not happen. They should either run off if they can’t get to me or jump to me making it harder to kill them.
Some bigger creatures (ex: mammoths, frost giants) stand on top of me when I’m on a rock and just let me wack them with a sword without hitting me back. This brings us back to too many mobs and aggro range issue.

When buildings decay, they disappear but the contents of the building stay, leaving doors, furniture and crafting stations hanging up in the air.

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you have to realize we are behind on updates so stuff that is broken on xbox may have been fixed on pc already(weather for example) so at this point i would wait till launch to report bugs or do more research to see if bug is already widely known about or already “fixed”.
Bows work fine in my experience you just have to make sure you equip the arrow type onto the bow and not your hotbar. Building decay is broken its been mentioned on almost every stream since launch was announced. Ai and combat is bad that’s why launch is getting a huge combat revamp.

I play on a PC and I am writing based on a PC experience. Bows work fine for the most part but there is still a bug that keeps arrows from shooting while equipped correctly.

As far as weather inside the house, the PC version still shows rain drops on the floor and wet floor inside the house. So, I don’t know whether eliminating rain and falling snow inside the house was supposed to be the extent of fixing the bug.

That has been in the game for like forever. It’s only visual and if you really want to have that go away, you can simply relog. That other bug with the arrow eighter not being shot or being shot without you already having wanted to let it go… Well. That is fixed in testlive as you wont get to take aim while holding the swing/arrow in until letting it go.

But if you think the aggro range and number of enemies/wildlife being too high… Wait for that combat update to be pushed out to live. You will probably drown in enemies. But I personally think its fine like that.
As for decaying, the devs are working on those things. Well, as far as I have read (and heared) about that.

I’m not worried about the decaying. I’m pretty sure they are working on it.

My biggest problem is mobs. You can outrun pretty much anything or jump on a rock and shoot them with a bow. There is no fun or challenge in it. It’s just a nuisance having to stop every 2 seconds to fight crocs, wolves, hyenas, etc.

At lvl 1 they can 1-shot you since you have no weapons or armor and there is no way to sneak around them because of the aggro range. The only way out is to jump into water because you don’t even have a bow to shoot them with.

Heh. You want to use some 4 dmg bow + 3 dmg arrow to kill a croc? Are you sure about that? :wink:

Bows as they are now are weak, but it’s doable with a ton of arrows.
… and repair materials

Way easier to get in with a pair of daggers or other melee weapon though. (Also crocs are rather slow, which makes daggers very powerful on them.) A lot faster as well. And less material consuming. Yes, it will consume a few insects, but thats it. (Keep munching those in early game for healing.)

I haven’t seen any daggers. I think they are only available on testlive servers?

Ah sorry, yes. Thats on testlive. …
Though there are daggers in live version as well, they just arent duel wielded daggers.
As you said bows to be rather weak right now, I assumed you meant testlive, since bows are perfectly okay on live. (Well, the opinion of pvp guys seems to be they are OP on live. As I dont play pvp, I cannot comment on that and will have to believe them.)
But if you think bows are weak on live… Then you really should try testlive, you might reconsider your opinion on live.

I play on a pve “official” server and I understand it is not testlive. Since the bows have been buffed, I’ll just wait for the official launch which is less than a month away anyways.

On my server a lot of in game things are not available and half of the map is closed off with the green wall of doom that kills you if you touch it.