Lost most of my stuff!

Ok so ive been off about a week,come back to find all my chests, worker thralls ,furniture ect,ect gone due to some Fondation bug??? Ive stuck by this game for 2 years but ive had enough!!! You fu<king retards send this shit out without testing , cost me everything i had,pound this fu<king game up your ass sideways you incompetent morons,going to delete this sh/t now,fu<k ya all !!!

I lost all my original topless crafting thralls that I’d carefully held onto for years thanks to the Nemedian foundations bug

Yep i had them to,not to mention all the witch doctor pets and lots of other stuff ive had in storage you cant get anymore! I really liked the game but am so disappointed i jusk cant play it no more good luck to the rest of you,hope you didnt use the nemidion set.

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