Lost everything completely now

Hi there. Just a quick message before I start over… last week I had an issue with my 1st base I built plus shed loads of stuff went missing. Someone was looking into it… i then went away for a few days and came back to find me homeless where my new t3 base was. Everything completely gone now… I noticed not everyone’s stuff was still there just mine went that I know off. Sure/hoping there are others gone… sry all… but that sucks 4 months of graft to have nothing. . Grrr. . Compensation would be nice… all.my hours wasted… 2 huge bases missing other buildings gone.no Thralls all.my armour. mats.details… ahh just can’t explain the pain… not feeling the love funcom… maybe the new dlc for free will smooth over this pain but if not… reset the server back a week or something. and give me back my hard earned stuff. … truly disappointed. Decay timer instant? Can’t be I never used up the 144 hours I had on my structures… :confused:

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As I wrote in another post that just popped up with yours (they have lost all their building with things) I deeply feeling for your loss, it happened to me more than once, and I know the horrible sensations to see your hard work simply gone.
I have lost rare thralls, I have lost chests filled with legendaries, I have lost entire buildings.
For literally no reasons at all.
You just joined a very long list of players that experienced this.
Things just vanish in this game, it has always been like this.
And I am sorry to brake the bad news to you, the chance that you’ll ever recover your possessions or that you will have any sort of compensations, are close to zero.
This has been Funcom policy since the begin.

:confused: now that’s a kick in the nuts… cheers for the reply… do I dont I start again… part of wants too. Really enjoyed the game up till last few days with no issues… maybe lucky me… but normally I’d launch the game out the window… but it was a download so better keep a tap on my red mist. :angry::angry::angry::angry:

I feel this pain. Do we rebuild? What if it happens again? We must really love this game to even entertain building again.

Is it possible people are sort of exploiting the decay mechanic? Does it show in event logs?

For example, once a building has started the decay process, anybody can walk up to it and dismantle the entire structure in one go. It feels like the decay process starts faster than it used to, so maybe someone then just walked up and deleted it?

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I’ve been trying to figure that out too. I thought the bomb glitch, so something along those lines. It’s just odd how there were two bags there of chests and everything else gone. There isn’t ANYTHING in the event log. Even our old notes of decayed planters and killed thralls are gone. It’s just empty.

While hacking is always a possibility, I give my 2 cents to simple data corruption / loss.
Very likely server-side.

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