Anything I can do?

So I logged in today, which is maybe my 6th day of being offline, maybe 5th, and EVERYTHING I had is gone. I look at my log and everything decayed yesterday. So either the game didn’t register that I had logged in the last time, or something else went wrong, because I wasn’t offline long enough for the decay timers to go off. I still have all my pets and thralls (excluding the ones in containters) and I’m only missing 2 of my 3 doors, as if only part of them decayed. I’m playing on pve so no one could have looted me. Is there anything I can do? Is there any way to reset or undo this or is a year’s worth of work just gone???

Edit: upon logging in again, I looked at my thralls who were carrying a few of my spare shalebacks, which have the same 168 decay timer as my buildings, and they’re still there, so I know my base prematurely decomposed.

Everything has decayed but only missing 2 of your doors? So is the base still there or not? Are you on PvE or PvE-C?

@GEDOH you should contact @Hugo give him server number location of building and all pertaining information if you are part of a clan etc. They will not be able to give you any of your stuff back unfortunately
. It is curious when you say you lost everything and are missing only two doors. You may also send s screen shots of what your base looks like now and 1 from before if you have one

Hello @GEDOH, did you regularly check the decay timers on your base with a repair hammer?

Even though the maximum threshold for the decay timer is about 1 week, not all bases reach that value as it depends on the quantity and tier of all connected building pieces.

We’d recommend placing everything over several foundations that are connected to each other so that everything shares the same decay timer bonus, including altars and animal pens, and to check out the following video for further information on this system:

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Generally the decay timer is based on how large the base is. Anything too small doesn’t have the max timer, and things not attached to the actual structure can decay at a separate time.

I checked with a hammer as I built it, I had my timers maxed on everything because I connected it or made it really close so that it got the bonus. Something must’ve happened where the game didn’t register that I had refreshed the timer or something because it shouldn’t have decayed when it did.

They won’t give me back anything? I’m just screwed out of over a year’s worth of work? This is EXACTLY why I deleted arc, because the same bs happened where I had only been off a few days and lost EVERYTHING I had prematurely. I’m sick of losing all that work when NO other game destroys all your progress like that. I think I’m gonna permanently hang up this game like I did ark. I don’t have the heart to restart after all that. I can’t get any of that time back.

I’m confused. Which is it?

Why don’t you play offline? I’ve switched decay off and build whatever I like wherever I like. Online game makes sense for PVP (maybe) but you play PVE.

If you’re missing doors and containers, but nothing else, maybe another player came by while your structure was in Decayed state and decided to demolish your doors and chests, and have a look around.
There is a 24-hour window where your structure is “Decayed” and other players can demolish it, after which the game will auto-demolish everything. Sounds to me like you came back in the middle of this window, after someone had a peek at your house.

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What things can be accumulated over the “years” that cannot be restored in this game in a week?

Any items / thralls that are no longer available in the game, but which one could still have legacy versions of. Certain rare thralls, though still available, could also end up taking significantly longer than a week to regain, depending on how much time one has to play. Collections of legendaries same - while getting legendaries is easy enough and relatively fast, getting specific ones (especially if one wanted multiples) can still take time.


You crying becouse you loust 2 door’s :rofl: and you tell my thet you have play for a year. Give me the server name i willl make you 2 new door in the best quality :muscle:

You keep using this word (everything). I do not think it means what you think it means.

Also, nothing in this type of game is intended, by default settings, to be permanent.

EDIT: Apologies. I did not actually answer your question. You asked, “Anything I can do?” The answer, based on the scenario you go on to describe in your post, is yes. You can rebuild. Or you can choose to not rebuild and instead play where you travel light and live small without a big base of ooerations. Or you can quit.

There are probably a few other options as well, but those are the ones that came quickly to mind.

Good luck in whatever you choose.


I like playing with friends/ seeing other players, it makes me feel connected

If you like to play with friends, why did you not join in a clan with them?
One of your clanmates could have visited your base to refresh the decay timer in the time of your absence.

Multiple people have asked why you said you lost everything and then that there are only 2 doors missing. Are you ignoring the question by accident or on purpose?

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It is probably because he has realized that it is his own fault and there is nothing that he can do to get his stuff back. No need to grill him further :stuck_out_tongue:

My one friend who played with me hasn’t played in months

I saw like one person ask, and I replied. I said all my things (chests, tables, animal penn) had degraded but my house has 3 doors and only 2 of them were missing.