My main base has decayed, decay meter may not have reset


Love the game, been playing PVE a few months now. Mostly building and thrall leveling. I logged into the game tonight and found my main base had decayed. The weird thing was my other base (not connected) was still there. I spawned in at my main base so that is the last place I was when I logged out? Did my decay meter somehow not reset? I thought my last login was only 4 days ago so not sure what happened. Can I get my stuff back? Ive spent a long time on that base and was looking forward to many more hours of gameplay. My official server is #3757 PvE, name is Salarian. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Are you sure you went to this base? Sometimes the decay timer may not reset if you are not close enough.
If the log says that your base has lost stability due to the decay timer and that you are sure to have gone inside this base then it may indeed be a bug. It also happened to me a long time ago, my base had disappeared although I had logged in three days earlier. Since then I always check my decay timer with the repair hammer before disconnecting.
Unfortunately I don’t know if you’re going to be able to get something back.

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If you have separate bases that are not connected they each have there own decay timer so you need to go to each base to reset the decay timer and always check with repair hammer that the decay timer has reset before leaving

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Welcome to the forums, Salarian. It’s a shame it wasn’t under more positive circumstances.

Unfortunately, anything you lost will be gone for good. The game doesn’t “save” building states beyond what exists in the present, so stuff that is gone is gone.

Every now and then I hear people reporting similar experiences, which leads me to think that the decay timer may be bugged in some instances. May I suggest filing a Bug report in the appropriate forum (PS4 Updates and Bugs) with as much information regarding your circumstances as possible? This would help Funcom figure out whether there are any common elements in cases where people’s bases have decayed prematurely.

I know how much it sucks to lose a base you’ve built with time, effort and love. I lost ~300 hours of gameplay myself when I switched computers and screwed up with my save files. But I decided that because I now knew how, where and what to build, I’d put it all back together, bigger and better than before. Now that you don’t need to learn how to make things, it’ll take only a fraction of the time it did on the first time.

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It totally is. But it is rare.

I was once gone for 3 days, and had to make an emergency return when friends told me that my base had somehow decayed early. I signed back in to people looting my decayed chests and workstations. :grimacing:


What @Caffeine said is absolutelly true… When u make a refresh run, always interact with something… Eat something from fridges, move a placable a bit and ALWAYS check timmer… Sometimes timmer does not gets renewed… Unfortunately u r on ps4… So i cannot really help…

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Yeah you need to go to each base and interact with it- just open a door. or a table.

This is confirmed as ive done this across 10 official servers.


Yes Akomo, that is undoubtedly what happened. I should have made sure to reset w a repair hammer or by interacting w something. Tough pill to swallow losing hundreds of hours of progress…I was under the impression all you had to do was walk on a tile to reset the timer. Thankyou all for the responses.

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