Lost everything due to bug

I lost all my thralls gear stuff everything Cruz u guys despawn chest from the ocean floors ive put over 200hours into this game just so u can despawn all my stuff in freaking done with this trash game its gonna be uninstalled and never touches again and I will also put a negative review down on this trashy game.screw u funcom

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RIP English! It was nice knowing you…


What Ocean? do you mean the jungle area

Ya happen to me too inside my base lost 3 chest full of steel brimstone it’s a joke they just up and left I thought I was raided but no the chests grow legs and when for a walk to funcom heaven, this can’t keep happening the grid is real in this game to get to t3 and to have all the material gone it’s not funny

No just meant inside the river and yea chest just gained leggs and disapeared the game also grew legs and ran to the uninstall button its to bad to play anyway

It’s not just chests in water, half of everything inside of my base disappeared. Hours and hours of work, thralls, metal, and gathered mats despawned over night. They did not decay, nothing is in the log, it was out of raid times, no dmg to other structures. Just poof. This game has a way of fking you right over even if all of your stuff is supposed to be secure.

I’m assuming everybody here is playing Online, if you are then Abandonment is turned on, so unless your base is under water your stuffs gona disappear, same goes with your base to , if you don’t visit or log on to your game in a certain amount of time :slight_smile:

I’m playing offline and still I’m losing stuff. Game is defect

And even if the base didnt decay (like with chests inside a base, with the base still being there), there is another bug:
It happens when we upgrade. Was it Scooter? Scooper? Welp, I cant recall.
But he sent an explanation into some testlive (?) patch/bug report thread, explaining why things disappear after having upgraded the floor of those to a higher tier. Some parts (or rather ceilings) got a less high collision than the sandstone one, which then causes stuff to “fly”, which then causes stuff to disapper on restart.

The thing I am worried about is that we lost a few chests because of some foundation having been replaced. So it probably didnt have anything to do with that bug, but rather with something else? But I really dont know.

Which difficulty did u pick?

Easy. But this is not the thing on medium difficulty I’m talking about where you loose the stuff you carry after death. This is just random newly built stuff, levels progress gone after login in sometimes not long after login out. So It’s clearly an issue with saving.

Yea, i thought that bug was fixed, im gona test that later, is this happening on foundation or ceilings?I haven’t had it happen on foundations, and i haven’t tested on ceilings though, but on the same note my decay system is disabled :slight_smile:

Thats very possible,