More things in base dissapear

Game mode: [Online Official
Problem: Major Bug
Region: NA 3530

Logged in to find my artistan and carpentry bench with four chests gone. Only saving grace was my login must have triggered the destruction as the loot bags were sitting on the floor.

This has got to stop. I already lost a map room and materials in a box already.

Dropped $120 on two copies of this game so my son and i could play together and this is ruining the experience. Bugs and glitches are on thing, but losing benches that have been sitting in that spot for a week? Come on…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Who knows, i just logged in. I always hear a breaking sound just as i log in every time. I think oh crap, what have i lost now…

Same here. I lost Boxes with 4.5k steelfire in it a Box full of greaseorbs and i mean full.
Ife spent a lot of time to get all this and then its just lost?
Plz Funcom

Try moving the benches and boxes and workstations in question to a new location. I had an experience such as this with benches and chests containing certain items only. As if having a certain item in my chests would trigger the chests to have an instantly shortened decay time. One of those items being reinforced iron and reinforced steel. Since I need these materials I couldn’t simply not have them in storage. So I removed the chests. Built nee foundation for them in another part of the house they were in. And presto! Some things need to be replaced and updated. Just like many glitches involving character problems are fixed by killing the character. It resets the character. Also you pretty much have to log in on a daily basis as to not lose items and property.