Everything on benches disappeared

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official
Type of issue: [ Select one:| Bug ]
Server type: *[ Select one: PvP *
Region: [North America ]
Hardware: [ PS5]

Bug Description:

I logged out after setting thousands of stone and consolidant in my furnace and hundreds of iron and steel on my blacksmith bench to make reinforcements. When logging in today, everything on all benches was gone except one brick and one iron reinforcement. The event log was empty, with no access by other players, no decay, no unexpected loot bag decay.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set materials to craft overnight
  2. Come back to no possessions at all
  3. Report on Zen Desk
  4. (etc)

Did you check on your event log only the box saying, unauthorized access?

Nothing in the event log. It’s just gone. Looks like a thrall that had finished breaking before three others on the wheel also vanished, so I think everything went away at a certain time.

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Stacking stuff leads to the upper stuff going away.
We used to stack chests a top cupboards. We lost 8 of them one day.
2 were named thralls, 2 where gold and silver and other wealth.

So we stopped stacking stuff 3 years ago.

Nothing stacked, just the materials stored in the furnace, blacksmith bench, and carpenter table.

Ended up finally deleting Conan from my PlayStation. Too much time to spend on something so buggy.